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AMCs for Relationship maintenance - Maintaining Relations is tough or Relationship maintenance is necessary and what are the modalities for the same?

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After a long time, I have been grabbing this opportunity to write about relationships...let it be professional or personal?

After meeting different people or diverse category of people, I have come to a conclusion that instead of maintaining relationships...it is important to have relationship maintenance!!!! 

The modalities are as follows in saying or claiming so as per my empirical experience or mindful reflection-

1. Maintaining relationships become a formality in professional or even personal world because of few important external factors where meeting both ends is vital for mankind. Because it is just for the sake of living with the concept called as relationship! This kind of feeling acts like a stress because there is no way out for releasing the frustration which comes out due to this.
2. Relationship maintenance is a continuous artistic journey with overhauling which is one way works in any engineered or commercially well structured relationships. In this scenario....tension gets released after some interval because the person knows that he or she is trying to do the servicing of the vehicle called as Relationship and it is precious! 
3. Maintaining relationship disrobes someone if he or she continues doing so just out of sheer superficial expression which one has to maintain through out. 
4. Relationship maintenance has emotional intelligence which is highly required and useful in any relations. It gives us integrated feeling of being ready for compromise or adjustment out of affinity which is essential in any relation. 
5. Maintaining relations entails lot of daring because in this situation being in a compromised mode or adjustment mode....it does not give us relief but on the contrary it gives lot of pressurized feeling. 
6. Maintaining relationships is like superficially portraying that our home is always clean whenever guests come! Relationship maintenance is like a natural phenomena where irrespective of the guest arrival...one has a satisfied feeling that house is always in a cleaned mode. 

At the outset it is an integral part of the life when we discuss or share or express or imagine about relationships in reality! 

The best example is of Lord Rama when he believed in relationship maintenance even though step wife of Dasharatha asked him to stay in the jungle by banishing his existence in the kingdom for honoring Bharat for the Throne of the kingdom. Here his relationship remained intact with Bharat and the same is the case with Kaikeyi where after 14 years of the stay in the jungle Lord Rama sat on the throne with full respect. 

The best example of maintaining relationships is pertaining to Mahabharata where all Kauravas always believed in maintaining relationships for the sake of maintaining them at the cost of the concept of relations! 

In any professional field....now a days we only see people maintaining relationships for the sake of getting good position in the professional world but always do back biting. In professional world relationship maintenance is being extended by handful number of people where they really enjoy getting connected with each other. 

In the current scenario where there is a 200% probability to get introduced with robots where they will do the activity of maintaining relationships instead of having relationship maintenance where consistent effort to build good relations will occur. 

When the rose flower gets blossomed in the company of weed , it is the model example of relationship maintenance! Maintaining relationships is like when government does the encroachment all of a sudden on the street where the rule disrobes all the street hawkers. 

So friends, what we want is absolutely in our hand and what is to be maintained and why it has to be maintained completely depends upon our attitudinal aspects of behavior  although situational hazards is a matter of consideration! However not letting the situation go out of our control requires lot of awareness and consciousness where many fail and hence relationship maintenance is more healthy rather than maintaining relationships! Destined facts will never change but is that the reason behind not having relationship maintenance then???? In the current affairs of world, close relationships and social attitude is becoming a cause behind having lot of stress which is leading people towards the increase in the death rate! Are we becoming the same people of the league to lead each other towards the end of the relationships as a concept and the world thereto???? 

I think....we must introduce the concept of AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract) in the concept of building good relations, can we???? 

How many of you are ready to have AMC with me as a human being????

:-) :-) :-)

By God's grace, be the light.....! 

Relationships are precious...let them be professional or personal!

Blessed Self,


Amit Deokule

Amit Deokule
Certified Executive Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
Certified Life Balance Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach at CCA, Canada
Professional Musician
Master In Commerce- M.Com
Member of MCCIA

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