Saturday, 4 July 2015

Everything comes in free but then what is that which has selling value?

Hi All, 

The subject itself is a serious concern. Now a days, at one end economy is playing an integral role in life but at other end lavish spending people are also hoping to get everything in free where their personal luxury is being kept intact but at other end some false portrayal is established and this causes lot of contamination of image in the society because of lack of transparency and openness! 

Anything in free always passes wrong signals but in the common parlance we all want things in free!!! Why??? After all nature also requires to pay the toll at the cost some calamity which falls all of a sudden. Now a days based upon various technical innovations, people are making the nature, a corrupt one by erecting lot of artificial devices to measure the occurrences of the nature and there is a technique involved to have an artificial rainfall in case of absence of natural rain. But ultimately whatever occurs naturally has some justifying position because of the utmost transparency by itself! 

The government is also spending money where it is not to be spent and expecting a lot from the public to have a smooth running where actually monetary help is needed. 

Keeping aside the above reality, let us talk about our personal reflections which pop up from mindfulness! I do not know who had made this tendency of a man to have all things in free whenever get a chance and everything is in mind and likewise action gets done! 

Potential ability to make a fair deal has lost its sheen now a days because of a bargaining outlook of every person. People listen to the person for any respective requirement of them and then acknowledge his /her skill or ability of providing service but anything with a discounted stuff gets sold faster than anything which is original but that has no scheme of discount. What is this discounted mentality I do not know. Unless and until, pragmatic life does not take ideal shape, there is no point in going deeper to search for something mysterious! I really envy the person who must have asked for the first time in life of the earth ; a discount! Because from then....expecting something in free started getting overwhelming response. :-)  Now a days spiritual organizations get an applause when they work purely for the benefit of the mankind without charging anything and few say that without charging people it is like underestimating the activity for which we are charging. Change should occur but change like this, is painful. Malls like big bazaar have lot of free schemes which are available because of which customers rush towards these malls to buy variety of things.

If somebody is offering something in Free then....people raise doubt but if they find that it is in reality providing free services they make them very famous by promoting themselves and their activity phenomenally. Who can overcome this mentality? 

Enjoy like a free bird...this statement can be conceived in several ways but those several ways are there because of different mentality of people. 

In Puranas, Vedas and other spiritual doctrines like Gita, Bhagwat, Gurucharitra...there is no such incident mentioned which clarifies what does free mean??? But there are many definitions of "Being Free". This disparity is obstructive in the path of success mindfully! 

Economics...this subject may have changed the perception to look at any salable thing like this! :-) Although I am a commerce post graduate, this pinches me a lot! Lord Rama or even All Pandavas experienced Vanvaas when they were banished from their kingdom for some respective reasons but there is no such mention about how did they meet both ends and how crucial it was to live without money! :-) Jokes apart..."Free" this word itself does not have just a meaning but several meanings because Man has something superior  than other beings when it comes to Sale-ability. The time when everything will be in on its way to come. However till the time, we have money as some form of exchange, it will be hard to accept the concept of  FREE...isn’t it? In the current trend, it is mandatory for companies to allocate portion of their profits for charity purpose through CSR drive but this can not be termed as FREE because companies have authority to assess the unit they are donating before actually extending the help! But on humanitarian grounds, assuming that he or she will give service in free ; is like taking undue advantage of somebody’s silence and this is not humanity, right? Hence analyze the situation, the cause, the person and then decide the definition of FREE but at other end, exchange is the ultimate motive now a days and it has to be judged properly and then one has to allocate the funds where there will not be regret. Every human is a masterpiece and one has to consider this fact and serve him or her with respect. By seeking services in free, I am scared there will be a day where the person seeking service in free might feel that he or she is stuck in jail and it should not happen! J  

This is never ending subject but according to me FREE means... Faithfulness, Rationalization Elimination and Evolution where exchange becomes a great quotient of emotion and intelligence!!! 

What do you think?????

Regards, Amit
Certified Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Global Member of CCA, Canada
Professional Musician