Friday, 10 February 2012

Personality Ratio Analysis

Dear All,


We are hovering around the world which is full of calculations, numbers, figures etc.

I really wonder how one can survive in this world when somebody's mind is philosophical and can not tolerate calculative aspect...!!!! BUT again after thinking a lot, one's mind boils down to calculation...!

I happened to meet one person who was nothing but full of

We met after a long time...his first question was?? Hey let us have dinner in Marriot as I have chariot driver...!!!! Second question was...Hey are bringing your i-phone or still on android???

Are you wearing branded clothes...which brand are these...Woodland...Levis...Pantaloon...or may be something more than expensive!!???
Should we meet at my is in Koregaon Park area...very expensive location indeed!!! Should I send my Audi to pick you up???

I was highly confused by these unfamiliar questions because if I would have answered them one by invested thoughts could have fallen down and my market of wealthy vision would have crashed immediately!!! Alas...I did control my foresight and could refrain myself from tumbling the market!!! BUT I had a big question of whether to meet this costly personality or not?

I started calculating his personality with certain financial ratios... NET Worth...Profit Margin...Equity Multiplier... All figures were imaginary but I could end up solving all ratios with a fumbling state...!

Then I thought to tell him the reason of no meeting for that day by lying about me as not keeping well....!!! rescued for that day...!!!!

But you know from that ordinary philosophical mind became so calculative deliberately which took me to rest for some time by resting at home...! I was so restless...!!

However for the problem, solutions were always there and I could not avoid myself doing through research on Personality Ratio analysis and it was as follows-

One's personality should have real fragrance of analytical vision with intelligence which will not fetch value but will fetch genuine emotionally high intelligence preciousness...!!!!

Personality turnover should be based upon how many people one could connect loyally in his or her kitty with real urge to flourish by way of sharing and wishing?

Real time server of human brain is so sharpening that one can think about one's existence rather than his or her material wealth at his or her end without any disturbance, turbulence, hindrance !!!

One's investment in vision and attitude will help more than investing in monetary gains!!!

Assets Turnover will be greater if the asset has real virtual concern of humanity!!!

If we will define our revenue in terms of experimenting our creativity to share with people, the expenses would be at minimum and which will be nothing but time and energy consumption which the Nature also does, right???

Preference should be given to capability so that equal participation with purity will enhance the level of capital investment in one discussion as such!!!

Multiplier will not be required as multiple visions will come together to pray for enchanting results naturally!!!

There will not remain any outstanding or even receivables as to one's personal or professional vision sharing if material things would have no place on this earth!!!!

Hence proactive guys and respected woman organization...who should be responsible for spreading personal positive vibes without having essence of material effect which will affect certain things of the life process...what should be the dynamic solution for keeping effulgence of one's personality and how?

Ratio of one's personality ought to be INFINITE : INFINITE...Let us not have any ratio in figures because somebody would take this wrong....!!!! As currently world is attaining confusion by hovering around numbers and figures....!!!!

HIGH ALERT ON NOT SPREADING WRONG SIGNALS ABOUT PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT!!!! Personal CBI system should be made effective!!!! Then even even Anti-terrorist squad is also not required..!!!


Now I am able to breathe easily after sharing and opening up at ease!!! :)