Saturday, 18 June 2016

Five ways to keep human values intact

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Human Values are becoming the centre of focus in the current world of affairs and it is because of stressful conditions people are hovering around. Actually there is nothing to talk about human values because we are far superior than animals but there is everything to talk about it because of the hype which has been observed in the society now a days because of many factors including professionally competitive stress everyone has!

Value can be measured by putting some equivalent tool for the same but human...this word has infinite parameters where fixing it in a rigid structure is more than crucial but then looking at its severity one will need to maintain certain values with grace in this comparative world.

According to me Human Value and its extension is as follows-

HUMAN- Harmonised Uniqueness Managing Aspiring Nomenclatures

VALUE- Valour Authenticity Lucrative Ubiquitous Enduring/Evolving

Every letter in Value and its meaning as per my conviction is-

Valour - Emotional intelligence. One needs that brave approach to use E.Q. at every step.
Authenticity- One's identity is very important in this competitive world.
Lucrative- Gaining Social Momentum
Ubiquitous- Creating one's existence in such a way where it will be a known entity
Enduring/Evolving- Continuously impacting by virtues/ establishing good impressions and memories to cherish where brand as an entity will be recognised.

To keep up with the above aspects wherever we go we can have following five tools to keep human values intact-

1. Gratitude Expression- It is important to express gratitude wherever we go because you never know how the relations will turn out to be professionally or personally in life! Whomsoever we will meet in life in any part of the globe, it is necessary to be respectful because people observe people and this process will never end up.

2. Self motivation and motivating others- It is vital to have self motivation because without that one can not remain energetic in life and his or her vision will not get shaped up the way it is expected. Secondly motivating others will surely give satisfaction to the people because they will be remembered due to the quality of motivating somebody for their potentials or qualities or anything which is called as good in somebody! It is imperative to have this activity constantly getting progressive in life for the welfare of the society and do not forget we are humans and a part of the same society irrespective of in which part of the world we roam around.

3. Extend help whenever there is an opportunity where your exact potentials will be utilised- We all have some unique qualities and the man is known by those qualities only. Albert Einstein was not a good looking person but his heart and brain was so beautiful that his quotes are still cherished by everyone. It is said that every moment is an opportunity and if we grab some of the opportunities to help people by some or other way by utilising our potential qualities...universal energy will surely trigger your enthusiasm to become a noble personality in the world.  In professional or personal life of everyone, there is a certain opportunity of similar kind but we tend to ignore many times as naturally everyone is selfish but to keep the human value intact this act will change the periphery of the humanity as a concept.

4. Empathy- This aspect is indirectly related to human values but in professional world when everyone is stressed, apparently empathetic nature is going to benefit several groups and the same way personal life will also have its sure positive reflections. This in turn will keep humanity alive because people will realise that identifying someone's mindfulness at particular time was as important as identifying the indication of Tsunami or storm or flood or such calamities which ruin the nature. The same is the case with human being. Empathy is playing a greater role and it will coming days...because it has become a need for the person who goes through a critical stage of life. Jesus Christ or even Lord Shrikrishna had this empathetic elegance in their personality and due to that they were Godly images and idols of many!

5. Be a part of somebody's happy feeling and share happiness from within to celebrate- Ultimately why we live and why we survive...are the two contradictory but at the same time equally essential questions of life and the answer is to attain the state of happiness/ecstasy which is not in any material thing. And hence sharing somebody's happiness increases the gravity of the same by millions and it should be at every stage of life when we meet people from variety of religions. Eventually one will surely realise that everyone survives for happiness and human value is the only religion which will be secured through happiness...and the greatness of this concept. One should celebrate every moment and celebrating happiness is like forgetting all negative points and only focusing on qualities of some person due to which he or she becomes the ideal for his or her own life. All spiritual doctrines ultimately speak about happiness where nothing should bother us and not even this externally eclipsed world full of illusions.

HUMAN VALUES now a days need lot of overhauling and repairing because of over expectations, unnecessary desires, egoism, attitudinal problems and I think the above are the ways and means to escape from all sheer barriers of one's complex mind where even he or she will get rid of all those perplexed situations of life which make life miserable. CELEBRATE HUMANITY.....GIVE VALUE TO IT BY ABOVE ASPECTS MENTIONED AND SALUTE TO HUMAN BECAUSE VALUE HAD BEEN GIVEN TO THE PERSON AFTER HE WAS TERMED AS HUMAN and HE OR SHE WAS BORN ON THIS EARTH!

Blessed Self!

Amit Deokule
Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Global member of CCA, Canada.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Human Values, a far fetched phenomena?

Hi All,


For last five and half years, I have been working as a life coach and it is been a wonderful journey till now. I met variety of people and even they have enriched me so far as it is a continuous learning.

After meeting variety of people till date, I am of the opinion that Human value is still a far fetched phenomena! People will surely point out fingers at me but when somebody talks about human value one has to be equal, transparent and open to respond!

If we talk about the human from its origin then lot of things come in the picture where various religions, castes, creeds and communities are there in a diverse country like India. But when we talk about human value...all these concepts vanish and only one religion remains and i.e. Human as universal! 

Now the above is the ideal way of talking about human and its value but looking at the present scenario and the approach of people...human value and its configuration will change totally!

After practising human values for so many years and births...people carry fabricated smile, show attitude due to their intelligence, keep ego.....why???

There are lot of institutions for transforming people but what does transformation mean  and when does it occur? People get trained and the impact remains for a while and after which the normal behaviour gets depicted with many ifs and buts, what is the use then? 

When we attach the word Universal to changes the perspective because the whole human community comes within the periphery of the universal and it is a truth...but are we accommodating every being??? remains in the kitty. People portray themselves to be humans and measure value of others but not of themselves...but still can work on human values! No wonder....many Indians say that we live in a very simple community which accepts both the sides of the story where even negatives are allowed in that community! However if values are universal then uniqueness and versatility in human value has to be expected and exactly we lack in that .

Fortunately the person in front can recognise the authenticity of one's humanness and hence working on such a difficult terminology in reality and which it is like somebody who does not know about value and he or she is taking benefit of doubt for this concept; is a thinkable issue. IF we talk about anything universal then it has to be perfect and it has to be authentic truth. Human is a truth....human has capability to be a perfectionist but values differ and truth keeps on fluctuating from time to truth as a concept is the one IMPERVIOUS but truth as concept of digestion is difficult to pursue and therefore...there are conflicts....differences....scenarios like not tuning with each other ......where while talking about universal people still drop many people out of this universality! How can it be?

The real meaning according to me for human value is-

HUMAN- Harmonised Uniqueness Managing Aspiring Nomenclatures
VALUE- Valour Authenticity Lucrative Ubiquitous Enduring/Evolving

Extensions of Words in Value-

Valour- Emotional Intelligence
Authenticity- Identity with integrity
Lucrative- Gaining Social Momentum with pride
Ubiquitous- Natural Truth
Enduring/Evolving- Continuously impactful /leaving good memories OR Proving to be a great entity

The above meaningful extension may be difficult to perceive but human value as a concept is crucial to execute and hence we need to understand the above meaning as well.

In Vedas it is said that all beings on this earth are our friends but ironically have we perceived this concept fully if we want to spread a word of universal human values? If we do not like someone’s approach we dislike him or her by some way or other and it happens from the people who are working on human values, then what should we call them as???

Swami Vivekananda preached character building techniques as means of education and there itself value education was embedded in the minds of people quite well but as the time passed by and revolution started happening, human as a being started evolving as something on the basis of externally eclipsed things more than anything else and it is said practically that audio-visuals put severe impact on somebody and that deteriorates the conditions of mindfulness many times. In the community of animals no one will ask each other…where are our values on the basis of which we live our life but in the community of humans…something called as human value got established just by mere reflections of variety of people and their ‘n’ number of opinions on severally infinite perspectives. Otherwise human value as a concept should not arise but because of two sides of the coin this concept got evolved. In this kali yuga everyone is hovering around the competitive world and this competitiveness has affected human minds where not a single one is the exception. People want to gain popularity by working on some ethical concepts and want to make the terminologies like human value famous for the sake of making it so! This is a living fact and one will not accept but examples of Godly images like Saint Dnyaneshwar/Tukaram, Jesus Christ, Lord Shrikrishna are rare to find because of the comparison which is going on among people as to who will become a great human being???? Hence it will be crucial game in coming days to prove the humanity as a concept. Humanity is as natural as the nature and hence there is nothing to prove but all will require to activate their hidden humanly expressions which are already there within. Many people talk about compassion, love…etc. with full study but now only study is not sufficient and its implementation is more than precious because the one who studies these concept can take a revenge of somebody now a days or show lot of attitude by mere presentations of compassion and love!

Hence at the outset winning over human as a value is not that easy and it might take births because even those who are working on human values…God is looking at you…do not forget that and simply opting for this way will not pave the way for maximisation of good deeds! Remember, Value was not born before human but when human was born…there is something called as value took the place to outshine the human and hence always value will be supportive to the word human but this support will have to be extremely sacred and holistic! So to remove the feeling of “A Far Fetched” from the human value…one will require to go beyond his or her capacity to prove that Human value is memorable and it is cherishing with so much of immortality which does not come just by saying that we work on human values but by becoming a living model example of the current time!

Salute to all humans and all the best wishes for humans who will create good values for this whole community of humans!!!!

Regards, Amit
Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach

Global member of CCA, Canada 

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Music is an universal healing strategy which changes human positively!

Hello All,


Hope you are doing fine! 

Twenty years back when I was unaware of the fact that in future what I shall be getting through music would be phenomenal and absolutely something called as "incredibly awakening", today I am really happy to be a musician and feel like going back to those days when I was in a premature stage of "Being Musician"! Because that journey had enlightened all those moments when I was experiencing many situations musically!

We all know one famous poem "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky !" 

Today I realise strongly that how important such poems were because music enriches everyone on this earth irrespective of being a qualitative musician every time!

If we go by the word "MUSIC" then I have revealed the same as 

Moments of miracle
Ubiquitous uniqueness
Serving the whole humanity
Igniting all inactive minds
Cherishing every life moment by way of character building!!!!

Many legendary artists/dignitaries say that Music is such an activity which can't be used for others in the first place but it is experienced for our own self because it awakens someone's mindfulness to such a level where passionate change in one's personality is possible with full positive approach.

Technology will have an expiry date even in today's innovative world but Music will always emerge as the best tool to revive and rejuvenate deteriorated conditions! 

Through my experiences in music as a live stage performer or even recording artist being a singer, composer and poet, I have seen drastic changes in people when people say that by listening to particular creation, we got motivated a lot and could change our perspective.  

Music acts like a transformer in someone's life if we talk about real transformation! Because in my formative years, I used to look at music as the best remedy for passing the time and make fun but gradually as the days passed by; music started getting into the roots and nerves of my body, heart, soul and mind! It is said that in the outside world, many times one's visuals act as a player of emotional gambling where all sides of one's natural behaviour get depicted which includes negative aspect as well. But Music has strength to catch only positive moments more appropriately where even people with bad habits become positive thinkers where people around them can analyse that the situation has made them so and in reality they are not like that. 

In our spiritual doctrines as well there are many references where it is found that music is truly a cosmic phenomena where everything is unconditional! I have also observed during my journey where many times people get close to me just because of music but not because of my approach towards life, choices in career, habits etc. where transiently one can experience that all energy centers get triggered during those moments when music is the core focus and we only talk about music and then allied discussions go in  the flow very smoothly where kind and gentle atmosphere gets created.

The following is the experience which I have had many times while listening to or working on music in my life and following statement is quite evident to what I have experienced-  Music is the only activity which can create any damn environment whenever you are alone and you want to be with yourself. It is like every relation with yourself at no cost! Imagination plays a role to an extent where your visuals and inner voice melodiously and meditatively blend together when you become musical! 

Categorically, musical frame of mind is equivalent to enhancing the human value in our life. When a child takes birth on this earth, it is said that his/her first moment of crying resonates the frequencies of OMKAR (A U M)  which is the universal truth and OM is having prime importance in the field of music because it is the starting point in music or of the sound precisely. If it is so then it is not wrong to claim that every mindful person has one musical string which should get activated in life and once it is activated then only flower will blossom irrespective of its withering state which is as natural as the nature. 

I made it a practice during my learning journey and still practice to feel in every part of the body when I sing , compose or write or even listen to different musical creations and it works. I always say that even if somebody will be lost in the jungle and there will not be any remedy to get escaped for a while, music will resolve the fear in mind for the time being to pass the time till the moment of escape. :-) It may be an exaggerated response to quote my experience but music releases blockages in our perception for sure. It brings together all natural smiling faces or make fabricated smiles; a naturally progressive smiles. It may be a gradual process but one day will come when music from within will surely have its own symphony getting played at every step of human being because value is not the measurement when we talk about human value but it is the progressive amalgamation of positive aspects getting consolidated together and adding music as an energy into it makes the concept very universal where human being's natural versatility will get maintained in a unique manner.

Ultimately there is a lot to write about music being an artist and a life coach since Music has enriched me and has been continuing to teach me many hidden aspects of life where I am sure that it only cultivates all good aspects and one has only one responsibility in this case and it is just to maintain the crescendo of being mindfully musical as even being a listener also paves the way for bountiful growth in life. 

A musical salute to all! Right now while wrapping up, I am listening to the strings of piano, violin and acoustic guitar together which has actually generated all positivity to write about music as an universal healing and it is so...just be with it!!! I am connected with you all!!! Thank you!

Amit Deokule
Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Global Member of CCA, Canada