Monday, 9 July 2012

We all are victims of Comparisons and Competitiveness

Dear all,

Greetings!!! After a long time SoulOmkar is posting on its blog about comparability ratio in consonance with Competitiveness since it felt that this is a serious issue which should be converted into fructifying solution!!!

We all are hovering around the world of competitiveness since external world demands the same progressively because of which the said phenomena has tremendous reflection in our personal lives also!!!
We tend to get swayed towards this concept as competitiveness lets people run behind status, money, fame and allied pleasurable luxuries!!! This in turn causes tremendous traumatic impact on one's life but we have forgotten our social values, humanly qualities in this far superior competitive marketed streams of pragmatic life. How one is going to become happy in such a situation!!!??

This competition is also growing far traditional activity of being compared with each other!!!
We are bound to get affected by influential comparisons which happen in personal as well as professional lives!!! Because of comparisons and competitions we have kept our real qualities, essential elements of personality behind in the dustbins of negative side of the coin. We are unnecessarily focusing on outcomes with only extraordinarily attached monetary and marketed elements which is spoiling the whole show!!!!

Can we bring congruence in between comparison and competition?

Congruence is a state which can make anything a balanced process where outcome can not be definite but we can ensure sustained output converting our unconditional or conditional minds reliable to produce calculative product relating to our personal or professional goals!!!

The same way, let us thrive off challenging deals for our own improvement in our own capability models of potentials and test ourselves modestly because world is not going to change or it may change organically but it is our prime responsibility to extend our flexible minds to change our perception to achieve determined vision where after doing so, we may get inorganically dynamic outcomes. So In between comparisons and competitions let us have congruent factor to re-shape out confused state of mind and re-organize our own life in a balanced way!!!!

To maintain congruence what can be done-

1. Think of various situations of decision making process.
2. Think from all angles
3. Give your perception an unconditional flexible power to look at things with a bigger mind of pure attitude.
4. See every situation differently.
5. Recognize our potentials and at the same time limitations of our capable personality.
6. Put ourselves in the shoes of our own situation where we are doing some task which is not at all our liking but still situation is making us do so and we are fighting contagiously but with all protections of presence of mind on ; to curb what is to be stopped and to create which has to be continued to flourish.
7. Understand other's life process well when we are in a stage to understand our own life diligently.
8. Give your failures a booster of motivational preaching.
9. Increase acceptance level.
10. Decide your own pleasures and ofcourse their path of progress with balancing act of negotiated feeling at every moment of uncertain life.
11. Enjoy the present moment.
12. Be blessed with what we have as an asset of one's personality and be content with the same.

Hope we all will stop comparing with each other and forget that it is a world of competition but would take in stride the same as congruently focused mission to establish peaceful happiness in each other's life as LIFE AS A CONCEPT IS A UNIQUE ONE AND ONLY ONE WHICH WE GET ONLY ONCE!!!!!

Cheers and blissful joy!!!!

Certified Life Balance Coach
certified Master Spirit Life Coach