Tuesday, 18 December 2012

HR cultural orientation should be developed from every house???

Dear All,


When we talk about Human Resource department of any organization, it is considered as the most key department since the asset of human gets structured in the organization through that and then everything gets coordinated from there where satisfaction, remuneration, working code of conduct, nature of work, perquisites, appraisals get extended!

Without this department , nothing can be possible in any organization. Many times their visioned approach decides every move in the organization as then customer orientation, trainings, coaching facilitate from that department.

Motivation is the most pre-requisite psychological factor which becomes an important element while working. We always differ our own life by comparing personal and professional platforms separately, however considering both the aspects of the same entity....nothing supercedes each other.

In current times, the nature and working of HR has changed a lot where efficient people are needed and numbers are emphasized rather than anything else. Ofcourse quality is measured for sure but it is time to analytically think about whether that quality and humanly standards are getting maintained?

Somewhere since there are and have been people from various communities, always many subconscious minds are working for one conscious state i.e. one organization and so on and so forth! Hence there is a jumbling created by many although they may be following code of conduct of their respective organization!  Because of this many aspects are being ignored by them and then....things can go haywire....!

Now the question is; when anybody works in the organization in HR, what and how should be his or her approach? We may not be talking about these aspects in detail but then why only numbers and commission are getting emphasized in HR now a days where humanly element and placing right candidate with right spirit and potential; is forgotten predominantly????

Then I would say that the question I have raised in the subject line Would that make a difference or if not then what can be done because every department is working without humanizing their own personality?

People are least bothered about valuing every case while recruting the candidate! Then I would say that cultural orientation is missing somewhere and people are learning to be the perfect candidate for HR to earn money but not to earn true respect! Then I would take the opportunity to quote that let us start developing their attitude being HR from every house...because then every house will also remain attached to the family members and more often human element will peep in and depict the real existence of natural human being!!! :-)

Life coaching has sense to improve these aspects individually or socially in a group! Superficially it may be portrayed that we being HR ; are there to help you out but are we getting benefitted from HR's policies in every organization? Pre-recruitment stage is also experiencing lot of loopholes and lacunas in the process where interested candidates are contacted but then they are not contacted if certain cases are ignored for the said vacancy or recruitment process even after interest of knowing the feedback getting extended!

We know that the world is become so fast that one has to focus what is important during every stage of achieving any target but the questions remains....Has world become so fast that we have started forgetting human values so easily?????


Amit Deokule
Certified Life Balance Coach
Certified Master Spirit Life Coach
Member of CCA, Canada,
Musician/Accounting-Finance Professional