Saturday, 10 November 2018

Should an entrepreneur get a setback to improve as a leader? What is the nature of setback which can make him/her think about the leadership?

Hi Everyone,

After a long time, I have been writing on a very interesting subject and i.e. An entrepreneur should get a setback to improve as a leader!

Getting Setback may sound deliberate and weird but it is not! The another word for the same will be Failure...but the severity is more in the word "Setback".

Almost many legendary people went through a turbulent time while developing themselves as an entrepreneur! And then by experience they confirmed the fact that there is a sense in acquiring leadership skills but one has to be a learner by divulging the fact that every person has a greater sense of being what he or she wants to become! However many times circumstances make him or her lose out with the confidence but there is a potential strength of leadership when any person comes across such personality and tries to help him or her out to stand out differently with fully equipped potentials required in the outside world.

The above para explains about the factual scenario to enhance greater understanding of being a leader and being in the leadership with full preparation. Here SETBACK , this word should pop up and enumerate such realistic aspects which will throw a light diligently on certain important things supporting ideal leadership. SETBACK is nothing but through some hardship one can set the goals/aims in such a manner where all circumstances back him or her diligently because of his or her empathetic approach he or she develops through difficult time! SETBACK activates a learner in you!

Nature of SETBACK can be-

1. Some critical problem cropping up in entrepreneur's profession where there is an impact from the market
2. Some difficulty in handling people properly
3. Some problem in having empathetic approach in case of internal people who support an entrepreneur or even his or her customers and such allied people who support his or her business directly or indirectly
4. Some barriers about his or her self developed approach
5. Some loophole being kept in implementation of things for the betterment and in sync with thought process continuously
6. Next level of growth
7. Managing triggers on a daily basis
8. Global vision to work on multiple levels
9. Creating unnecessary conflicts on a constant basis
10. Treatment given at every moment for every situation in a wrong manner where it creates further problems for the whole organization

The above all aspects and such similar ones make entrepreneurs think about themselves and their surroundings a lot!

Steve Jobs was thrown out of his own company....
Recently Narayanmurthy, the Chairman of Infosys and his ability to make a recovery out of difficult time which the company was going through due to some problem caused by few executive members....
Prime Minister Hon. Narendra Modiji and his conviction to sustain in turbulence for the welfare of the country....
From mythological stories ....Lord Rama went through a critical time when he was banished from his own kingdom....
Lord Arjuna's own perception like stigma about his own understanding of Karma or duty
Jesus , the kind of determined approach he had for the humanity although he was going through lot of sufferings

All the above examples depict quality of becoming  a great leader after having SETBACK!

SETBACK is inevitable sometimes because it gives a unique perspective or moulds that gradually when people take in stride the SETBACK with correct vision.

Maturity has one different angle and i.e. how flexible you are to accept others' opinion about you as a leader although you are an experienced entrepreneur, manager, achiever etc. However this does not get seen in many entrepreneurs. The person who says that I am excellent at marketing and bringing lot of revenue in last many years since the time I am into my business can not be called as a great leader. Entrepreneur and Leader both the words have some accomplished feeling within itself but it has to be cognized and worked upon very subtly because otherwise the efforts are futile/fragile!

SETBACK for someone is not a sin but it is a boon when we talk about entrepreneurship and leadership both at the same time.

So are you ready for experiencing setback?
Did you realize why setback is important and how does it work?

All the best wishes and be kind!

With Best Regards in SETBACK,


Sunday, 26 August 2018

Indications of a good leadership and its validity, measurable or not?

Hello Everyone,


We all talk about leadership now a days as it has become a vital concept in the competitive world where comparison bothers us a lot!

We all admit that leadership is a measurable concept and by its implemented form it becomes visible. However one question always remains as to what is good leadership and its validity?!

But then to make it valid and more transparent, there are few aspects which pop up exponentially and they are as follows-

1. People remember you as a person positively and your presence was felt-Magnetic elements in your personality resonate risk taking approach and critical analysis in a way where they become authentic.
2. Team is getting benefited and more often the team demands value addition through your leadership skills or they utilize your skills for themselves being leaders at their position- Although we do not know about exact existence of Godly images stated in our spiritual doctrines but one thing is sure that after reading out the same, we always get channelized because of their able stories which proved to be model examples. That is the reason why Lord Rama or Lord Shrikrishna are remembered forever. Even in reality, the examples of freedom fighters, Swami Vievekananda, Mahatma Gandhi are still being given and many such more.
3. Proper Discipline is getting followed by the people at ease under the able guidance of your leadership-Stewardship is not an easy task and through leadership you can make it possible. Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln,  Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, Narayanmurthy etc. are few examples of disciplined leadership. You can follow compassion while following discipline. All legendary people followed compassionate attitude about others but did not keep any attitude in real terms at any point of time. 
4. Feed Forward becomes easy when feedback is valuable and mostly your problem solving zeal makes you greater leader- In any field feed forward is important and in leadership it plays an integral role. Feedback keeps you motivated as a record but feed forward entails immediate resultant outcome which directs your energy for next challenges to come. So Feed forward notifies higher importance.
5. Executing the principles of your leadership everywhere as if they are accredited/stamped- We all read books and leadership is enumerated as a fact via many books till date. However implementing the principles can't  happen always even though we read them. But good leadership can have that ability of execution...making it into application!

Once we can traverse through all these above aspects, we can get a good effect of leadership which becomes visibly measurable. The most important thing is; how you confront the scenarios. Hence leadership becomes measurable through actual stories and real time examples which can get validated by groups at large after execution only and that is very much feasible in leadership with sincerity,dedication and integrity!

So want to make real stories? want to put a prolonged impact? want to have a greater presence? want many to follow you? want remembrance? Let us have good leadership in days to come!


Amit Deokule
Life Balance Coach/Master Spirit Life Coach
International Coach-CCA, Canada
Executive Leadership Coach
Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
Professional Musician
BNI Member of TRIKAYA, East region Pune
MCCIA Members

Monday, 2 July 2018

How to convert some complex situation into something very rational or assertive?

Hello Everyone,

After a quite long time, I am reconnecting with you all with a subject which is complex but not very difficult if we look at it positively!

Now just let me ask you few questions before we go ahead with actual solutions to the above subject I am trying to deal with.

1. Have you ever faced any scenario where even though you know that if retrospectively it will be given a thought for then it would be easy to sort out but then at that moment it becomes difficult to arrive at a solution with?
2. Do you observe that in some perplexed situation always it is your own strength helps you but many times you get influenced by people in that situation?
3. Do you think that few situations can't have solutions because of the encircled mob of people?
4. Have you ever seen that every time there is no need to have positive outcome getting arisen from the most complex situation but rational or assertive outcome is welcomed?

The above questions always pinch us a lot including me!
It is like when we go to the shoe shop and want to buy shoes of the size of our feet but we do not get that size and then we ask the owner or his assistants to bring that size and come back again OR we approach a new shop. The same is the case with other things which many times we are willing to buy and their non availability pinches us but we try and get that anyhow. So for such complex situations why can't we confront like this? Because our 1 percent of strong willingness can make wonders...of course that 1 percent is for the sake of making you understand the importance of willingness!

How can we overcome and convert complexity into an assertive one?

1. Retrospective introspection on the problem-
2. Think of the possibilities to resolve it on your own or if any help is needed-
3. Follow the process of solving the problem by converting it into something assertive
4. Extraordinary time management and mind management where practicality pops up at every step
5. Always have positive affirmations in mind while working on the complex situation i.e. it is like chanting mantra for some outcome
6. Concern about situation and people is equally important in such intricacies
7. Law of least effort i.e. acceptance level for anything that comes your way...this kind of approach helps a lot
8. Here futuristic point of view with respect to the present conditions and its implementation decides the destiny of that situation
9. Third person's perspective is very essential in such a scenario where we tend to forget to get into third person's shoes many times
10. Last but not the least is; look at it peacefully and then be patient till the outcome of the same because the period between arising of the complexity and waiting for the outcome is crucial.

The entire gamut of strategies for converting complex into something assertive is just for one sake and i.e. we should not lose our confidence!

 The above ten are ways and means without any definite results but one thing is sure...and i.e. it gives us a lesson for sure and we start looking at it very diligently where failure of getting outcome many times does not upset us but we take it in stride as if the problem is not the problem and solution everytime is not the problem.

Did you understand this? No problem....let us be solutionable entities but let us not make it so palpable that solutions start seeming problematic!


Amit Deokule
Executive Leadership Coach
Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Musician and
International Coach Status

Saturday, 28 April 2018

How to keep commitments by putting it in process and increase your worth being a professional?

Hi Everyone,


It is observed that Human behavior is the most difficult aspect to gauge from situation to situation. We all agree that on the spot decisions are always crucial to arrive at but then human being is the only entity on this earth who can be very understanding as far as consequential effects are concerned.

We are the only entities who share with each with each other...commit each other...and such many things can be enumerated where association increases its flavor only based upon the commitment because that is the way where we can know each other's value.

However keeping commitment is challenging and it hampers the way people come in contact and break promises. In professional world also, it is volatile totally where it tends to depict unprofessional behavior and in reality which is not like mathematics and straight calculation.

Then can we put a process in this where commitment acts like a golden opportunity in the history of humanity. Because to shape it up appropriately one has to put it in process where although it is a fact that process can not be followed every time but looking at this chain breaking attitude...process in commitment becomes an integral part to get used to the promise keeping approach!

1. Keep reminders in your communication devices
2. Keep on having positive affirmation based upon not breaking good habits
3. Stay away from influential measures related to mindfulness which can change you in a negative way
4. Enhance your follow up process by streamlining your daily routine....or even change your habits which are hampering your dignity
5. Value the professional as an entity more rather than always being very calculative

1. - Reminder keeping as a process increases your way of being in your professional diary or personal diligently. We are used to technology and if it is not supporting us in time management then using the same will not help us. It is futile. It is one way to keep our commitments to different people in personal or professional world.
2. - We tend to talk about good habits more often but are we approaching them accurately where keeping it intact will reap the benefits exactly as expected? Attaching positive affirmation to the process of good habits will in turn deliver fantastic results. And so is the cause and effect in case of keeping promises and i.e. being committed.
3. - In our daily life we come across many people who can influence us more than anything else. The said influence many times is not a positive sign and hence sticking to our own thoughts become more challenging. One needs lot of courage to stick to his or her thoughtfulness. It is much relevant to commitment as a concept.
4. - Dignified approach in the professional world matters most. And for the said aspect, one's follow up process by streamlining daily routine helps the person in keeping the frame of mind intact and because it works like food for thought which in turn increases the authenticity of being committed to someone. Many people lack in maintaining their dignity and dignity does not just mean professional approach but it also means strings attached to one's behavior. Commitment and behavior are inversely proportional to each other and it establishes one's image in the long run personally and professionally.
5.  Value keeping is getting lost in today's time and it is because of everything calculative. We all blame each other for anything which goes against us at times and then conflict management becomes a barrier. This not keeping value kind of approach bothers a lot when commitment factor is not measured properly. So value keeping is the most precious human element.

Looking at the above aspects...I think it is easy to follow this process while giving commitment to someone and do not forget this works like magic where commitment becomes stepping stone in everyone's career path or professional life. This way even we tend to keep commitment to ourselves and our goals we have set in life where working with aims becomes the most remarkable coincidence in life.

Assume that you are committed to this whole earth and the earth in turn is giving you lot of positive energy! Yes it works. In law of attraction, commitment is the most important factor and it works fabulously when things come in contact like a magnetic effect. Commitment is a value or value is a commitment?....this question is like a tricky question because answer can have a multifaceted way of looking at it. However before I end up with this article , I want to ask all of you....if taste in something does not require commitment but it is a natural commitment.... then why we tend to argue on commitment when the commitment erupting our ego comes in the picture and everything then know what I mean!

Be committed! Be blessed with commitment!


Amit Deokule
Life Balance/Master Spirit Life Coach @ CCA, Canada,
Executive Leadership Coach @ MGSCC
International coach recognition
Professional Musician

Monday, 16 April 2018

How to lead a respectful artistic life and five important aspects of the same!

Hi everyone (All the unique artists),


There is a saying that the one who is living an artistic life is the most fortunate and happy person in his or her life. And exactly me being the artist, I felt like sharing my experience of my artistic journey through the article/blog.

An artistic era is a vast stream of current times where several avenues are open in the market but ultimately an artist has to maintain its zest in an unique manner and that is the biggest challenge in this competitive world of art. There are many artists who have put their impact aesthetically well and that is why they are legendary people. However my purpose of writing this article focuses on even a small mediocre artist who is struggling to survive at his or her best as per his/her choices of the life potentially because that is where everything will boil down to!

An artist is the person who understands aesthetics of respective art properly where revolutionary thoughtful vision becomes easily possible for him/her because of sheer passion where tangibility is decided by the artist every time with igniting mind on the basis of illuminating approach and this way service to the society through an art can shape up the meaning with sanctity and due to this every artist's targeted objective in life can be fulfilled in of the finest manners we can have!

To attain this level and achieve excellence being an artist what are the important five aspect we must possess? and those are as follows-

Before I write about it...I feel the artistic approach has to be in the most natural form always and in current times it is devoid of natural essence. In an artistic era, sustaining with a buoyant approach is a greater challenge and to put an impact is another tough element because of several channels which we have in the market. We must need "WOW"factor which displays "X" factor of any art through any artist at every stage of our artistic creation. Hence the five aspects make sense in present artistic field to gain the right goodwill and popularity!

1. Maintaining dignity being an artist- In the circle of life, everywhere dignity matters most where human element or value pips in! Now a days, this aspect is deteriorating because of monetary returns an artist has in the market. And because of that  quality has become the issue and monotony has taken place. Hence dignified approach alike professional world, is equally important here in an artistic aura.

2. Needs revival after every specific interval- Every artist who is trying to establish his or her footprints in the market will entail reviving or rejuvenating vision after every specific interval and it is much essential because of cut throat competition globally. May be because of several reality shows/channels/platforms we have via media, revival or even reincarnated approach will prove to be the most precious protocol.

3. Needs to have respect, concern while trying to be a great performer about everyone and the whole artistic fraternity-  The artistic fraternity does not only include big giants in this field but it also should include even the smallest ever artist who is working harder to prove his/her potential. And in today's world every artist is just after using the ladder of success in such a fashion where his/her life will be secured where fame game pops up and disturbs the whole environment around. Can it happen that some legendary person as per nature's law will show an interest in cultivating a good approach of art even in the smallest ever artist by taking additional time? I am sure we all will enumerate that we do not have time to look after that but ultimately if one small quote can make a difference in life then why not to treat the smallest ever artist as the best ever opportunistic quote where because of the extension of help by great artists, the global environment is getting refreshed!!! This is a wild imagination but then all those artists who have done something passionately have always done something for the world alike western artists or even other classical/semi-classical legendary artists of India and so on and so forth! So instead of categorizing and compartmentalizing....if we will have concern and respect about every artist following the trend then what miracles we will have being a performer can be definitely given a  thought!

4. Human and social element is the key towards ecstatic artistic journey- This is the most precious element which is like a key towards ecstatic journey of art! The framing of mind of every single is different and hence keeping humanism alive in an ecstatic way, one will require to contribute in a wholesome manner from the start of the journey being an artist. Being an artist even I have observed many people realizing lot of mistakes or blunders done  by them; at a latter stage of life when the incident has already occurred and now is little too late to confront these self actualization process. Any passionate artist needs that human element which eventually turns towards something which has a social angle dramatically well. We must possess these qualities being an artist. What about you??? Human this word contains according to me and i.e. Harmony, Unity, Mastery, Aim, Natural! Do we attain these qualities by remaining in the glamorous world?

5. Tending towards spirituality while being on the artistic path- Apparently when the present generation is thinking about the art, it is from a perspective where at the end of the day if they have maintained their celeb gesture, performer's glamour and wealthy returns with all luxuries then life's purpose is achieved but then question remains as to if there are many model examples about aesthetics of art in our spiritual doctrine then the question remains is; are we going to get attached to the cosmic power more or everything with earthly pleasures as the ending point? This is where our divine art will take a shape for being in the journey! So I feel that our artistic journey should always focus on the ideals and analogy or terminology on the basis of which we being unique artists will be remembered forever for our artistic deliverance! And this will be possible by focusing on spiritual element as per our envisioned attitude getting defined for our own welfare as an artist! I think the last element/aspect will decide the course of the action of every artist on their career path being an artist!

This way if the artistic journey will be taken in stride then every artist can have sky high growth where it will be a matter of remembrance for every audience who has experienced every art form. While being on the coaching an artist thinking about the five giving me lot of pleasure and genuine happiness because this way I have one percent of cosmic satisfaction that as a creative creature of this earth the nature has given me greater insight and I must use it for paying back to the nature where giver's gain will have its own divine essence/fragrance and infinite gateways will always remain open for an artist everywhere with every inclined universal purpose!

Are we ready to perceive the above aspects diligently? Are we ready to mull over them? Are we ready to digest them? Because then only smooth trajectory of artistic journey will be immortal truth of the life!

I am thinking over it,can you?  Just want to bow down in front of every artist on this earth with honesty and wish them a greater life ahead!

Enjoy your journey!

Best Regards,

Amit Deokule
Executive Leadership Coach @ MGSCC, USA
Life Balance Coach/Master Spirit Life Coach @ CCA, Canada
Professional Musician- Singer, Poet, Composer, Tabla player.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

AMCs for Relationship maintenance - Maintaining Relations is tough or Relationship maintenance is necessary and what are the modalities for the same?

Hi Everyone,


After a long time, I have been grabbing this opportunity to write about relationships...let it be professional or personal?

After meeting different people or diverse category of people, I have come to a conclusion that instead of maintaining is important to have relationship maintenance!!!! 

The modalities are as follows in saying or claiming so as per my empirical experience or mindful reflection-

1. Maintaining relationships become a formality in professional or even personal world because of few important external factors where meeting both ends is vital for mankind. Because it is just for the sake of living with the concept called as relationship! This kind of feeling acts like a stress because there is no way out for releasing the frustration which comes out due to this.
2. Relationship maintenance is a continuous artistic journey with overhauling which is one way works in any engineered or commercially well structured relationships. In this scenario....tension gets released after some interval because the person knows that he or she is trying to do the servicing of the vehicle called as Relationship and it is precious! 
3. Maintaining relationship disrobes someone if he or she continues doing so just out of sheer superficial expression which one has to maintain through out. 
4. Relationship maintenance has emotional intelligence which is highly required and useful in any relations. It gives us integrated feeling of being ready for compromise or adjustment out of affinity which is essential in any relation. 
5. Maintaining relations entails lot of daring because in this situation being in a compromised mode or adjustment does not give us relief but on the contrary it gives lot of pressurized feeling. 
6. Maintaining relationships is like superficially portraying that our home is always clean whenever guests come! Relationship maintenance is like a natural phenomena where irrespective of the guest has a satisfied feeling that house is always in a cleaned mode. 

At the outset it is an integral part of the life when we discuss or share or express or imagine about relationships in reality! 

The best example is of Lord Rama when he believed in relationship maintenance even though step wife of Dasharatha asked him to stay in the jungle by banishing his existence in the kingdom for honoring Bharat for the Throne of the kingdom. Here his relationship remained intact with Bharat and the same is the case with Kaikeyi where after 14 years of the stay in the jungle Lord Rama sat on the throne with full respect. 

The best example of maintaining relationships is pertaining to Mahabharata where all Kauravas always believed in maintaining relationships for the sake of maintaining them at the cost of the concept of relations! 

In any professional a days we only see people maintaining relationships for the sake of getting good position in the professional world but always do back biting. In professional world relationship maintenance is being extended by handful number of people where they really enjoy getting connected with each other. 

In the current scenario where there is a 200% probability to get introduced with robots where they will do the activity of maintaining relationships instead of having relationship maintenance where consistent effort to build good relations will occur. 

When the rose flower gets blossomed in the company of weed , it is the model example of relationship maintenance! Maintaining relationships is like when government does the encroachment all of a sudden on the street where the rule disrobes all the street hawkers. 

So friends, what we want is absolutely in our hand and what is to be maintained and why it has to be maintained completely depends upon our attitudinal aspects of behavior  although situational hazards is a matter of consideration! However not letting the situation go out of our control requires lot of awareness and consciousness where many fail and hence relationship maintenance is more healthy rather than maintaining relationships! Destined facts will never change but is that the reason behind not having relationship maintenance then???? In the current affairs of world, close relationships and social attitude is becoming a cause behind having lot of stress which is leading people towards the increase in the death rate! Are we becoming the same people of the league to lead each other towards the end of the relationships as a concept and the world thereto???? 

I think....we must introduce the concept of AMC(Annual Maintenance Contract) in the concept of building good relations, can we???? 

How many of you are ready to have AMC with me as a human being????

:-) :-) :-)

By God's grace, be the light.....! 

Relationships are precious...let them be professional or personal!

Blessed Self,


Amit Deokule

Amit Deokule
Certified Executive Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
Certified Life Balance Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach at CCA, Canada
Professional Musician
Master In Commerce- M.Com
Member of MCCIA

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Five Good Habits of a growing person who wants to be excellent!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you listened to this song....! It talks about Own Enlightenment where nobody can stand as a stumbling block on this path!


Many days I have been thinking about one aspect of every personality and i.e. HABIT!

I have seen that many times even after working harder with someone on his or her personal development there are certain barriers where we can not do anything and may be even it will be difficult for GOD to work on the same of every person now a days!!! :-)

And the said barrier is nothing but our HABITS which stand as a barrier on the path of growth and ultimately success where I want to to term Success as Excellence! The root cause remains as our HABITS...I think it may be because of following reasons and those are-


Lack of HARMONY in our thoughts
Lack of Exact AIM in our personal and professional life
Lack of BURNING DESIRE to achieve anything
Lack of ILLUMINATION/IGNITION in anything we do
Lack of TENACITY to hold on to one passionate thing to opt for in life

The above things become hindrance on the path of success/excellence as we tend to become lazy to regularize certain factors which will help us in growing us! Eventually we realize where at times it is too late to analyze the same. In such a scenario what someone should think of working on and I think that is nothing but OUR HABITS!

HABIT plays a role of our Daily ROBOT who will guide us from morning till night but the only difference is; everyone's ROBOT has different technical problems where especially talking about HABIT...continuous overhauling is necessary with proper direction for our own HABITS!

While thinking about these HABITS of ours...I thought of five good habits which will pave the way towards maximization of one's growth and ultimately attaining excellence in whatever he or she does!


1. Look at Habit as if it is your heartbeat where every beat is important in life and at every step
2. Be consistent in doing whatever you decide to
3. Keep your passionate approach always in active mode irrespective of calamities
4. Keep wishing and helping people genuinely whenever there is an opportunity
5. Assuming our normal habits which exist naturally in everyone of us...keep your positive attitude intact!

1. Look at Habit as if it is your heartbeat where every beat is important in life and at every step
- Steve Jobs used to say that work as if it is your last working day...I think if you will consider your habit as your heartbeat then the whole terminology will change to look at habit because for us every heartbeat is important and hence convert your habit into something very precious where it can be like heartbeat without which we can not live life diligently! 

2. Be consistent in doing whatever you decide to- Actually it works like a magic...why magic? Because having consistency, constancy and continuance thereto  in life is absolutely cumbersome and that is why...making it possible will work like a magic...! We tend to be lazy and it becomes a consistent process then we all know what happens!!!! :-)

3. Keep your passionate approach always in active mode irrespective of calamities- I always ask my clients or colleagues or friends...Where is your passion to do anything or search for yourself or find out your own potentials or work in the field you like ? OR Where is your passion to meet gracefully? OR Where is your passion to work with people excellently and with full cooperation?- All these aspects have answer from within and i.e. nothing but working on our passionate approach which we lose and eventually lose its sheen! Passion works like a compassion about our own life...if we have compassion about life then we can reveal our passions and accordingly it becomes our greater habit to follow continuously! 

4. Keep wishing and helping people genuinely whenever there is an opportunity- This is the most crucial task in one's life where wishing somebody genuinely and helping someone from the heart...both these aspects test the person. If we are habituated with these two aspects in life...then things start working out miraculously where rational energy gets spread everywhere. This is where human tendencies boil down to our weird behavioral patterns to curse people rather than proving them as a boon! Tendency is nothing but habit which we all know in the common parlance! At times we are scared to wish and help someone...,right? Let us work on this!

5. Assuming our normal habits which exist naturally in everyone of us...keep your positive attitude intact- This is another challenge for us. Many times we meet some shining personality because of which we get motivated but then the said motivation does not get continued for so long....and again lower energy gets felt! Why? There are lot of externally influenced reasons due to which it occurs as our Mind is so delicate that it can get a scratch at any point of time by absolutely stupid reason and this stupid reason for that person who thinks that way...becomes valuable! Hence at any situation keeping our positive attitude something to give a thought...,right? Because this can work as our Habit if we will try to be positive and this state of mind either gives you far greater results or far devastating outcomes depending upon the person and his/her tendencies! 

So friends....Let Us Stick to our all above GOOD HABITS from today in such a manner where our growth will be ensured and excellence thereto! 

Are we ready to enhance these HABITS of ours? 

Finally I can only conclude with one very good HABIT which we all have and i.e HeartBeat! Keep your heartbeat constantly healthy! 

Wish you all a great journey ahead! 

Best Regards,

Amit Deokule
Certified Executive Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
Certified Life Balance Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach at CCA, Canada
Professional Musician
Master In Commerce- M.Com
Member of MCCIA