Thursday, 9 November 2017

Five Good Habits of a growing person who wants to be excellent!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you listened to this song....! It talks about Own Enlightenment where nobody can stand as a stumbling block on this path!


Many days I have been thinking about one aspect of every personality and i.e. HABIT!

I have seen that many times even after working harder with someone on his or her personal development there are certain barriers where we can not do anything and may be even it will be difficult for GOD to work on the same of every person now a days!!! :-)

And the said barrier is nothing but our HABITS which stand as a barrier on the path of growth and ultimately success where I want to to term Success as Excellence! The root cause remains as our HABITS...I think it may be because of following reasons and those are-


Lack of HARMONY in our thoughts
Lack of Exact AIM in our personal and professional life
Lack of BURNING DESIRE to achieve anything
Lack of ILLUMINATION/IGNITION in anything we do
Lack of TENACITY to hold on to one passionate thing to opt for in life

The above things become hindrance on the path of success/excellence as we tend to become lazy to regularize certain factors which will help us in growing us! Eventually we realize where at times it is too late to analyze the same. In such a scenario what someone should think of working on and I think that is nothing but OUR HABITS!

HABIT plays a role of our Daily ROBOT who will guide us from morning till night but the only difference is; everyone's ROBOT has different technical problems where especially talking about HABIT...continuous overhauling is necessary with proper direction for our own HABITS!

While thinking about these HABITS of ours...I thought of five good habits which will pave the way towards maximization of one's growth and ultimately attaining excellence in whatever he or she does!


1. Look at Habit as if it is your heartbeat where every beat is important in life and at every step
2. Be consistent in doing whatever you decide to
3. Keep your passionate approach always in active mode irrespective of calamities
4. Keep wishing and helping people genuinely whenever there is an opportunity
5. Assuming our normal habits which exist naturally in everyone of us...keep your positive attitude intact!

1. Look at Habit as if it is your heartbeat where every beat is important in life and at every step
- Steve Jobs used to say that work as if it is your last working day...I think if you will consider your habit as your heartbeat then the whole terminology will change to look at habit because for us every heartbeat is important and hence convert your habit into something very precious where it can be like heartbeat without which we can not live life diligently! 

2. Be consistent in doing whatever you decide to- Actually it works like a magic...why magic? Because having consistency, constancy and continuance thereto  in life is absolutely cumbersome and that is why...making it possible will work like a magic...! We tend to be lazy and it becomes a consistent process then we all know what happens!!!! :-)

3. Keep your passionate approach always in active mode irrespective of calamities- I always ask my clients or colleagues or friends...Where is your passion to do anything or search for yourself or find out your own potentials or work in the field you like ? OR Where is your passion to meet gracefully? OR Where is your passion to work with people excellently and with full cooperation?- All these aspects have answer from within and i.e. nothing but working on our passionate approach which we lose and eventually lose its sheen! Passion works like a compassion about our own life...if we have compassion about life then we can reveal our passions and accordingly it becomes our greater habit to follow continuously! 

4. Keep wishing and helping people genuinely whenever there is an opportunity- This is the most crucial task in one's life where wishing somebody genuinely and helping someone from the heart...both these aspects test the person. If we are habituated with these two aspects in life...then things start working out miraculously where rational energy gets spread everywhere. This is where human tendencies boil down to our weird behavioral patterns to curse people rather than proving them as a boon! Tendency is nothing but habit which we all know in the common parlance! At times we are scared to wish and help someone...,right? Let us work on this!

5. Assuming our normal habits which exist naturally in everyone of us...keep your positive attitude intact- This is another challenge for us. Many times we meet some shining personality because of which we get motivated but then the said motivation does not get continued for so long....and again lower energy gets felt! Why? There are lot of externally influenced reasons due to which it occurs as our Mind is so delicate that it can get a scratch at any point of time by absolutely stupid reason and this stupid reason for that person who thinks that way...becomes valuable! Hence at any situation keeping our positive attitude something to give a thought...,right? Because this can work as our Habit if we will try to be positive and this state of mind either gives you far greater results or far devastating outcomes depending upon the person and his/her tendencies! 

So friends....Let Us Stick to our all above GOOD HABITS from today in such a manner where our growth will be ensured and excellence thereto! 

Are we ready to enhance these HABITS of ours? 

Finally I can only conclude with one very good HABIT which we all have and i.e HeartBeat! Keep your heartbeat constantly healthy! 

Wish you all a great journey ahead! 

Best Regards,

Amit Deokule
Certified Executive Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
Certified Life Balance Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach at CCA, Canada
Professional Musician
Master In Commerce- M.Com
Member of MCCIA

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Leadership, a self study based upon your own experiences with long lived benefits!

Hello All,

After becoming Certified Executive Coach , this is my first article which I am writing after a long time.

The present certification which I completed, it was based upon Leadership and relevant competencies. It was absolutely interesting where global vision has been captured through the syllabus. We as participants from 20 different countries enjoyed the same.

Leadership is a term where collaborative approach for helping oneself comes in the picture first and then it gets spread to other people where widening spectrum gets developed!

Leadership is a continuous process of introspection....where the leader needs to be vigilant while performing because it is said that the leader leads and hence the environment around always keeps a focus on the leader because it is expected that he or she should become the model example for others!

In a way Leadership is a journey of galaxy of real time experiences where that becomes the strength for one's life journey a professional one or personal one!!!!

Why does the Leadership a self study based upon your own experiences with long lived benefits?

There are four to five different aspects which actually stimulates this question in an answered way-

1. It provokes one's observational power
2. By experience it increases the understanding which needs lot of introspection
3. It gives energy to channelize own vision
4. It is a terminology which we use since childhood becomes long lived
5. It is a self actualization process because of diversified communities in the present world

1. It provokes one's observational power- The leader has to have an effective observation about what is happening around...because that works like a clue for him/her to think about next step/action while performing as a leader. Because of subtle observation he or she can fill in the blanks with proper thought process on the same! There is a saying that by keeping mum and just observing things  many times increases our inner power and exactly in return it gives the leader additional long lived benefit even in adverse situations because of the habit of observing things in the first place.

2. By experience it increases the understanding which needs lot of introspection- Understanding things or predominantly people...their choices and then making some changes always helps the leader. For making one good change, needs lot of introspection and sometimes the leader fails in introspecting things....! Once the strength in introspection increases automatically power of understanding things increases....! In an organisation....understanding people can be the masterminded plan where involving them in leadership activities gives a different shape to the whole process.

3. It gives energy to channelize own vision- We all are habituated to follow what we feel comfort with and if this is the fact then relating it to our vision in our professional or personal world may change the look out where it turns out to be the most channelized process to implement. We all have a vision but especially in the position of a leader...the said vision has to be channelized because this clarity itself drives the leader towards success. To be specific in professional is leader's crucial challenge to make people of the organisation to connect their individual visionary approach to the ultimate vision which makes sense when collectively several targets have to be achieved.

4. It is a terminology which we use since the childhood...which becomes long lived- This statement itself has lot of meaning hidden and i.e. it is said that when the child takes birth from mother's womb....enters the world depicts that the said child is a separate entity of his or her own world and there itself the journey of leading himself/herself starts. And hence it gives a sense of reclaiming that I was the leader...II am the leader and I shall be the same.....till the end of my life journey! This is a greater feeling and this shapes up our life process at every step with higher confidence because it lives long because of its characteristics of being in the position of the leader since the childhood. We don't understand the importance of the leadership during that period but invariably we keep working on ourselves like a leader. It can be enumerated as "Leadership quality is within and it is in everyone!"

5. It is a self actualization process because of diversified communities in the present world- Leadership is a concept where all are equal and qualitative because leadership does not have discriminatory aspect involved although it gives us the feeling of being discriminated because we never know what diverse background we are going to work in and then it becomes challenging for everyone to balance the leadership qualities in a diversified environment! In converts the whole process into self actualization where the realm of the daily life....projects that we are the king
but in reality it is not because of different behavioral patterns and this is the stage where the king has to come to a stage of a common man whom his or her kingdom may be feeding but it is a reality that without these common people....kingdom can not be kingdom and the business of daily life can not be the business in true sense! Hence self actualization process always gives us courage to confront diversified communities and battling out any of them will be an easier task than ever! There is a difference between introspection and self actualization....! An introspection is a phenomena where everything is within where one has to be in his or her own cocoon to make things introspective. However self actualization can be done at every walk because of its simple element and i.e. what you see is what you self actualize to make it understandable! Self actualization is a process to be followed in professional world with some own commitment where further action plan has to be jotted down. However Introspection needs lot of personal commitment in seclusion!

In the above all aspects....the leader will require to do a self study....even if involving stakeholders/people from the organization is essential. Self study is always long lived although few external things like involving people in leadership becomes vital. Self study gives a leader an indication at every step ," Hey you are still a leader....! Wow this is nice....keep it up...still a long way to go as you don't know what lies ahead! Keep working....keep doing good....because till the end of the life may be professional or personal....a single day without self study will not provide good fruits!

Commonly Leader is remembered but we want the leadership to be remembered because of the fact that everyone is a leader! And if this is so then self study with a long lived approach will make lot of sense in carrying forward the legacy of leadership but not the leader!

Embrace leadership and cherish leadership because at this moment it is like we are celebrating leadership!

Thank you,

Amit Deokule
Certified Executive Coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching
Certified Life Balance Coach/Master Spirit Life Coach at CCA, Canada
Professional Musician
M.Com- Master in Commerce

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

How to have a continuity in relationship building as far as trainings are concerned?

Hello All,

Being a life coach, I have always realised one thing while carrying out sessions for different people and organisations...i.e. continuity in building the relationships after trainings where even practising the aspects of trainings and its frequent giving feedback strategy is always missed or skipped. Here the most important part is to take a cognisance of everything we have shared. At the same time, we always try to configure such type of trainings as something of cost which becomes a overburdened activity after certain level and that is where many times few things remain incomplete and then the link gets detached. Here the importance of the continued activity will be known once the organisation unravels certain parameters of people's performances where the resultant outcome is always lack of continuous practice  and that is why life skill trainings can not be taken casually!

One senior person from the IT stream asked me one question who was working on a higher position in a reputed software company and then he started his own IT training consultancy where soft skill training was one of the vital areas, "Amit can we have an evaluation strategy for the people who undergo soft skill trainings for specific period?" I immediately uttered , "First of all, can we observe somewhere that people can have such a training on a continuous basis because then we can have some evaluation tool through which we can get some definite answers of improvements and genuine feedback can take place then!!!" He smiled and said, "You are right Amit! Mind is a terrific and mysterious part of our body which is in reality an invisible but virtual element which hoodwinks us frequently during our life journey but that is where one's challenge always pops up because continuity remains a question as far as some practising tool to use to make certain mindful improvements in our personality is concerned!"

We sleep everyday, take bath everyday, have our lunch and dinner everyday....and it is like a natural training we have but there is a stage where one has to take care because these things are inevitable to have but we also observe some breaks in following these aspects also on time and then we know what happens....The ignorance can spoil our life...and if it is so...then why we are bothered about cost factor every time....when we know that certain things are necessary to do the overhauling to maintain the pace and momentum one should have while living life! Similarly when trainings are being extended...they get extended because of one sheer fact and i.e. proper grooming has to happen/occur where the said preaching/teachings  will be practised exactly on the basis of few tools defined! However cost always puts many positive things on toss and that becomes a hurdle in our growth path! Let us also not deny the fact that cost/budget is like considering that every one makes mistakes but then he/she is being given a chance to improve them with a certain timeline scheduled by having evaluation technique well in advance in one's kitty and everyone tries to make corrections/rectifications as per his/her capacities which is the most important aspect. Similarly one should look at trainings because third angle really works like a 3D effect and the said effect is necessary because mind is a game of perspective where stumping out someone is always possible but continuously showing consistency to play constantly well is something missing always where even player like Tendulkar or Federer or Ronaldo....who in the common parlance are being recognised as an excellent players in their games but how much consistent they have been in their career is a theory of relativity to assess! Hence when we say that it is relative term...when we actually relate things in reality with genuine thought process and that is exactly lagging behind!

Now let me know how many of you will continuously seek my training sessions! :-) Post feedback and continuous sharing will surely help where cognisance of different people in different capacities will get a chance to develop good relations with each other where Prism will not be needed to assess them but natural progression to remain connected always helps, right? Try it....experiment it and execute it!

Warm Regards,
Amit Deokule
Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Global Coach of CCA, Canada
Professional Musician