Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How to remain positive when there is nothing in front of you as a task/assignment/objective?

Hi All,


I have been getting in touch with you after a quite long time!

However, the subject which I chose for writing ; is quite authentic and important,too!

In our daily life, how many of you have consequences where you remain idle and there is nothing to do for you and then several ill thoughts start coming in your mind which bother you a lot and that leads to frustration! In such cases, how one can use the environment to the optimum level to convert the same into positive mode???

1. Do what you believe in and it will turn yourself into a positive state!
2. Do not sit in a room alone which will pave the way towards breaking down or getting irritated or getting tempted to do something which has no value at all!
3. Start thinking about your potentials , focus on the same....sit for a while and imagine all those precious moments which made your earlier life better and because of that you are alive till date!
4. Before your mind gets stuck with negativity, make yourself come out of that depressed state and go in the nature or in some sacred place where retrieval of positive energy will happen rapidly!
5. Listen to the song which intensifies your creativity or transform your mood urgently!
6. If you can't control your negative aspect....immediately try to catch hold of somebody who is closer to you and who knows you well and would help you tackle unwarranted atmospheric pressure!
7. Start writing something and release your bad energy hampering your vital time!
8. Imagine some futuristic situations which will have fragrance of your achieved excellence!
9. Start uttering positive affirmations by standing in front of the mirror or even start talking to yourself to make an outlet for your unpleasant stuff which you are not appreciating at all!
10. Avoid channels triggering your attractions where your negative aspect will get unnecessary booster!
11. Do some meditation or yoga nidra or chant mantras like Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra or Durga Stotra or Raamraksha or anything which you have a taste on!
12. Sit in Vajrasana position and raise your hands till your chest where the direction of your palms will be towards the floor but in an elevated form and then imagine that earth is in front of you and you are passing on positive energy to the whole earth and also to the closed ones and also the people with whom you had a fight earlier or arguments,too and say few affirmations claiming the self actualization process!
13. Play the song and dance or watch a  movie alone to entertain yourself and it should not be serious one and if not watch a drama event!

The above few methods can channelize you continuously in a positive manner. Try it and you will enjoy moments!

Regards, Amit