Friday, 23 December 2011

Positive Perception towards life and your real potential

Dear All,


Perception and vision ,  both are essential factors. Perception is a continuous phenomena which is must and helps as a supportive element for the main vision of Life.

Similarly continuous positive outlook helps all of us to take each moment forward with rational thinking strategy...which will ultimately help in keeping the purpose of life intact.

Let it be a professional life or personal one...positive perception makes us reveal the hidden potential with greater intensity.

We all confront many adverse circumstances which in turn may result into spoiling our aims, motives, objectives etc... But keeping our perception pure, positive and precious from within for the life process externally; can make us more tougher to experience  rational outcome of everything that happens in our life.

One may think; it is easy to say that positive attitude leads us towards success and we can use our potentials in depth in such a scenario but actual reality changes the view of the same. However one should have ability positively to analyze the "Change" happening appropriately so that this change can make wonders in our life.

Everybody has potential but wrong perception conceives the capable ratio of the life mathematics falsely and the whole equation may prove to be wrong.

Hence positive energy is essential and one should be rest assured that invisibly it works fabulously as we can not see the word Inspiration getting experienced in our life in actual terms but we could sense that from the heart...the same way keeping aside the power of touch physically like when we buy any perfume...and sprays it on the body...the fragrance comes  which is termed as actual visual experience but positive perception is  unseen but enchanting experience to sense with the help of heart and soulful mind because that actually throws light on the hidden potentials.

So all...cheer is valuable...and for that matter; perception with positive outlook matters a lot...!!! Respect your life, overcome bad with good and have perceptive vision depicting positivity!!!!



Monday, 28 November 2011

Am I too Sharp to live my life in a comfort zone!!!???

Dear All,


Now a days, it is a time to think about what is our comfort zone when we think about LIFE analytically? The present generation is too sharp where there is a possibility that one can ask "Am I too Sharp to live my life in a comfort zone??!!!" Lot of exclamations and questionnaires of mind can be created if one has to foresee the comfortable zones of his or her life process!!!

Posterity is going to raise many questions in days to come...since the thinking level has risen to the level where even sometimes..some philosophers will wonder why couldn't we get such sharpening creative vision before???!!!

Spiritual aspect can be nurtured but when somebody observes some out of the box thinking invariably...he or she wonders that "Am I looking too older being spiritual??!!"

We must keep the learning approach now a days where this present generation has a lot to teach us where one has to think rapidly and with a sharpening outlook...Of course...previous generation is not too bad to ignore or skip!!

When we think about Life and its must take in stride that Life will have several obstructions which will depress him or her but still the purpose should be to keep Goals or Dreams with a short term or long term plan where  one can pave the way towards maximization of comfort zone for his or her life to some extent...Why some extent???

If We consider life as a process for several births then the above thought makes sense but if we consider that it is just a matter of one life by assuming practicality approach or the impersonation of an atheist...then comfort zone is a tremendous challenge as every coin has two sides and balancing these sides become a problem when we try to see ourselves in the comfort zone by overcoming all adversities...!

Cultured thought process, proper educative tools, up bringing, nourishment, nurturing, cultivating, moulding...all these terminologies make sense to extend when somebody wants to find his or her own comfort zone as per his or her comfortable choices...!!!

The word "Comfort" itself is sharper than thinking or writing about the same when execution comes in the picture...!!! I should start thinking about the "day of that divine entity called as GOD" which is more superior thought  not to keep aside but by keeping aside ego, arrogance, over confidence and such similar vices to imbibe virtues with mirroring effect and it ill give us conditioned attitudinal way of thinking about how this human life can me made more comfortable.

We are not wild animals..we are not artificially made or oriented form of the nature where the ambition to study its mechanism is not very crucial, so by challenging our own intellectual and emotional quotient one should start formalizing the process of sharpening his or her Comfort levels of Life by having some united form of innovations, revolutions, evolution for evaluational therapies...!

I am too sharp to write on this and I am proud of my audacity to choose such a subject which is far too impossible to have perfect solution for the comfortable life... :).

Enjoy the journey even if this subject does not feel appealing or attractive!!!

Cheers and wishes to you for your comfortable life process!!!

I have started defining my own comfort but seeking help of my four years old daughter!!! :)


Sunday, 13 November 2011

What is Authority?

Hello All,


I am an authorized person to say that Authority is like a creativity. To make or call oneself as Authoritative has to establish his or her own creative element from within.

I think God has given the authority to live his or her life in a way he or she wants...but incredible aspect of taking this authority diligently sometimes becomes a cumbersome job for some people because their own potential remains in the dark.

MIND WELL...somebody will get surprised why I am writing on the authority but this write up is not to co-relate my thinking with any authority which is being snatched away or authority in the stream of politics or corporate.

I AM THE INVINCIBLE PERSON IN THIS WORLD AND I AM AWAKENING MY OWN POTENTIALS WITH "BY DEFAULT" AUTHORITY. So authority is about establishing or if not re-establishing the same with some dynamic conviction. Authority personifies the confidence, desire to achieve, an urge to make a remarkable penetration, courage,in built leadership skills, self management behavioral approach, ambition to set footprints in the world of innovation etc.

While constructing our own infrastructure of plethora of qualities hidden within us...we should not forget that our PRANIK energy stimulates the EGO factor many times because of subjective phenomena but then this PRANIK energy has strength to remove those EGOISTIC Blocks and surges the SOHAM factor of completeness where transcendent feeling is activated and it takes over the empirical experiences.

Here the authority has some value in terms of supernatural energy to re-connect ourselves with the divine force of the nature. Once we have the inner :SELF" feeling of reviving our subconscious with such a sensitive conceptual understanding..our conscious becomes authoritative with a balanced attitude and it tries to coincide every thought with subconscious with purity and then authority gets nurtured automatically.

To share this kind of authority with the people around, one has to have the positively resourced energy medium such as soulful heart and mind to re-enforce the rationalism in other minds with complete valour.

Humanism can then be defined as the correct source of authority to establish the wandering minds for the benefit of natural laws set by the divine force. This kind of authority has power to vanish all ill effects of present authoritative false world which is representing destructive techniques of innovation.

HOLD ON GUYS...!!!! Do not be so over confident to lead with authority before entering into this ambiguous world of several endangering truths where your endeared forms of pure approach may become inoperative due to non-prepared action....REACT DILIGENTLY AND SEEK INHERENT AUTHORITY FROM THE NATURE TO RE-ORGANIZE THE VALUABLE AUTHORITY WITH MATTER OF WISDOM.

Thanks and Blissful Wishes!!!


Friday, 4 November 2011

Who is able to take time for his or her own wisdom????

Dear All,


Time Constraint is a matter of concern for everybody. But where to call it as constraint and where to utilize it with pure purpose for our own betterment is a question...

We have time to spend money on Shopping, hoteling, chit-chatting with friends, outing and similar enjoyment but are we capable of looking at our own betterment wholly as an enjoyment?

When I experienced/confronted difficulties in my life..I strongly realized that those difficulties were termed as problems without solutions because we forgot at that moment how valuable one's own "self" and the personality with presence as a whole in such circumstances?

Why that divine virtual power has created such consequences in our life where nightmare named as "Problem" comes across in everybody's life and then we start blaming our own life without having proper justification so as to co-relate the same with our potential recognition of soul, mind, heart and brain.

We always say that at certain stage always there are few matured perspectives which should have been realized...I deny this statement categorically as segregation is being made as far as behavioral aspect is concerned with a perception that the Human should understand the natural therapies of correcting our own wisdom or introducing the same as one of the greatest decision that we have ever taken in our life..!!!

We are configured as comparable sources in everyone's life where there is a risk of making somebody's life miserable AND also where tenacity to judge the situation remains behind and very different modalities take place to extend the action and reaction.

With the above thought can imagine how difficult it is to utilize the time and its beneficial state to result it into matter of wisdom????!!!!

Matter of wisdom...this process may occur in several births for one person and such state of mind has lot of thinking virtually where performing action starts when the man actually actualizes the cognitive ability to take it forward with the call of the nature to attach to his own many Lifes...(Lifes- this word has been used purposefully even grammatically it may be wrong, sorry for that but metaphoric way of using it; give us vision to get convinced).

Matter of wisdom has lot of areas covered to think which we are not thinking but self realized values should be converted into wisdom to make our life precious then value has some meaning.

Time has value but making the incident precious; value should be utilized fully to see the outcome.

In today's stressful life...wisdom has a vital role to reach at some conclusion but just carrying out weird inferences without concluding is not going to help.


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Cheers, Amit (CLBC, CMSLC)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Living in a present moment...difficult but heavenly decision

Dear All,

Currently I was also trying to be happy with the situation that I have been hovering around...and then I met somebody who was talking all non sense but one thing he told me which was precious and that was..." You know...I have surrendered myself to some Super Power and now just live in the present moment."

"Whatever things I have secured or made few highly is the grace of that super power..."

Is the above statement acceptable to all????

If in the present moment with whatever circumstances may possible but it should be a natural instinct which should co-relate the satisfaction of subconscious with conscious state always...where actually we get stuck and everything goes haywire...

We can not have control on the surroundings although it can be possible if we believe that we have that supernatural strength to keep that hold also, can we have cautious control on our soulful mind, heart via the route of brainy channel? Yes...determination succeeds but inner voice i.e. subconscious always pushes us back from taking appropriate steps to live in the present tense and then we get tensed up, right?

This is where Life tests us but we fail...although we fail we should have realization ethics to identify that we are  not a failure but the perfect cause to analyze the present and transform the failure mode into success, right?

We all get into the past faster than anything else, why???because we all have normal tendency to influence our own convictions wrongfully...and then we delve in to the past...think about the future with a worried face and present tense gets tensed up....the dwelling unit of Nature called as Deities...where we can have find a ray of hope with some divine force...shows invariable resistance AND our journey becomes the starving state where we want everything but just because we are not living in the present moment...our confidence index plummets drastically like Share Market and there is a key loss of millions/billions which makes us observe tremendous fluctuations in our internal set standards supporting our external forces...

So better be joyous and think of the present...!!!! Even I am trying to follow where I am also getting unbelievable results out of it...



Monday, 17 October 2011

Why should we have goal in Life? Is it a conclusion?

Dear All,


After attaining the age of 35, today I could raise this question to extend my perception about Goal defining theories and its concluding turning point...AND got stuck...

GOAL- Glorious Orientation Aiming Lotus

The above line makes us encouraged to have Goals...and there is nothing wrong in having parameters of Goals in everybody's life but then do you think that scientists like Albert Einstein had some Goals in mind on the basis of which they could achieve what they wanted to?

Researching our mind, heart and brain for the satisfaction of Soul is important but then in life just on the basis of having clear Goals, do we succeed?


In the above statement , there is no fragrance of Goal defining in between the lines...Because some dreams can be continuous..constant and consistent which might have no end to define as GOAL??? Am I on the track???

In such cases...there is no need to define the track also...In Indian Mythological Stories...there are examples where nobody had really defined the Goals but just adhering to the common natural laws of being potentially strong and exhibit the said skills wherever required...

This way of thinking does not give any inferior feeling about Goal but very positive expression not to define Goal but still have dreams with three Cs'- Constant, Continuous and Consistent!!!!

Are we falling in the same category then no worry because you are then also listening to your inner voice with full faith and confidence...just have conscious mind active to grasp what external forces mean and try to cultivate your inner process of mind in a way it should be naturally....!!!!!

Cheers, Amit

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Spirituality-Not a difficult one to pursue in daily life???

Hello All,


One day my friend asked me after observing my life style for few days..."hey why you are so spiritually philosophical? Myself finds it very difficult!!!!!"

I told him few experiences of mine--

1. Do you feel pure intensity to talk with people whom you like?
2. Do you experience sometimes that your inner voice speaks in the form of Intuition and gives you extraordinary result?
3. When you are happy, how do you feel?
4. When you help somebody how is your feeling?
5. When you pour full positive force with dynamic energy to attain some expertise level, how do you sense that incident?
6. When you donate and feel content with what you have done, how is that moment?
7. When you acquire knowledge and share it, impart is that situation where people get benefited?
8. When you spread positive vibrations out of your existence, presence, why do people feel that appealing?
9. When you maintain the balance and keep parity between what you think and apply...consciously how is that expression?
10. When you confront the adverse incidences with courage without getting angry...frustrated...and build a good outcome, how is your experience?

The above all situations if come across should be well aware that you are spiritual and keeping it at constant pace continuously with consistent effort, assures that your inner spirit has been activated with purity...

The way you follow some rituals of your religion , the same way...recognizing the inner spirit is like an inherent ritual of every human??? Doing Yoga...Pranayama...Meditation...Feeling of ZERO(neutral feeling) even if any positive or negative thing is happened... channelizes your radiant soulful mind inspirationally well...!!!

At every walk of life...just sensing the natural expression of your joyous personality by having blended the conscious and subconscious ; attains the level automatically of being spiritually philosophical which is not be shown in an empirical world but to be shared and passed on...!!!

So not be pessimistic with this word or its natural..always listen to your inner voice by ignoring what the world around forces you to will be genuinely called as Spiritual.



Monday, 3 October 2011

How to flourish as a personality?

Dear All,

Greetings!!!! Even before doing the course of Coaching, I was sure about one thing and that is; if one intends to flourish in Life...he or she needs to be very well determined and confident about his or her own true potential which might be in born sometimes or might get explored after recognizing the ambition orientation!!!

Flourishing approach is not just attached with the Monetary gains that one can have but it has a lot to do with our inner soulful energy which remains hidden sometimes because of impurities or dearth saturated on the subconscious era of our subtle expressional powers...

Hence due to this state...many times we speak something else in the conscious state but we do not realize the disparity between these two i.e. conscious and subconscious...

Many times one does not lack in any of the qualities that he or she may be having but just because subconscious hovers around in the wrong direction..the preoccupied mind talks about nervousness, no confidence, wrongful actualization, obscure vision, nonsuccessive motion, mulling over the past. These terms or state of ambiguities if removed asap then we can attain the level of saying that My "self" has been actually cognizable what should have been the way it should have been. We truly  then can go against the destined facts and can change the track of the life even if we had observed adversities in that regard earlier. Impressions many times suppress the real value of one's personality due to externally eclipsed forces which one has to confront and to siege wishfully whatever is needed to be to fortify the congruent thoughts about his or her own real potentials to achieve dream goal. One opportunity may knock and change the life or even several opportunities may knock but get missed out...and one remains on the same level where he or she was when actually started realizing what his or her life actually would have meant for him or her.

Coaching shucks away all those fundamental barriers in one's personality to stick with what he or she actually interests in...Coaching flourishes the presence of the personality the way it should have been ( the way the natural state should occur). Many times we do not get to know the essence of one's personality even if he or she is having ample qualities...because "That Moment" is being captured always by the other parties assessing them...once "That Moment " is lost..everything else is like fragile...To avoid this scenario one should have patient outlook towards flourishing the personalities with their own comfort zone to establish. Albert Einstein must have experimented by sticking to the timely aspect but must have done it without any barrier too, which should be given a thought.

All legendary or celebrities must have done something truly ambitious to take their life vehicle forward by applying brakes many times but with consistent driving. Yes...Exceptions are there or even it is diligent to say that not every celebrity became so on the basis of his or her own effortless stint but at the same time full of poured effort state. So the word exception has different flavour to think.

Coaching provides you full support by making you realize your own liberal way of recognizing your own abilities to flourish...

Come and join SOULOMKAR because it is gonna be special for everyone who still wanders here and there to find his or her way of being successful!!!

Cheers, Amit

Friday, 30 September 2011

Why is Coaching going to be essential in current times or 5 years down the line?

Hello All,
My Coachable salute to all those who are coaching, who love coaching and who appreciate the event of coaching!!!!
The importance has never been defined by any philosopher but we all being “Human” (Harmony, Unity, Mastery, Austerity and Novelty) recognize the importance of minute thing which effects or affects our Life. The severity fluctuates as per the situation but we all have different expressional way of taking in stride the situations and their severity. Accordingly our priorities change in the life. However among all these things, there is a possibility that one can go off the track of his or her valuable life where goals or dreams get missed out or do not become the prime importance for somebody. Perhaps some people remain reluctant in attaining their determined goals and later on when the saturation point comes, they all of a sudden realize that culmination point of their dreams or goals cannot be reached and regretful incident is being experienced. In such a situation, the coach in the form of “An Evangelist” can help such people to see the ray of hope with dignity and proper rising patch can be seen.
In the current scenario, are there many incumbents who have been earning because they want to be so; aimlessly? Yes it is very much like this. Why Coaching activity is raising concern in HR departments when attrition level report scares the CEOs or the whole management? I think, putting the same scenario individually, one can surely self actualize that his or her frustration level is causing concern about his or her scattered thought process over the life process to become a successful person to excel in his or her own genuine skills. Externally eclipsed world has made the man so crazy about just monetary gains but at the same time, I cannot deny the innovation which is getting occurred!!!
However the sustainability factor has been questioned although innovation is happening where coaching can play pivotal role for the intelligent ones who want to put a good blending of Sustained Innovation and their true Goals/Dreams. Stress levels are recording its highest frequency in the corporate world and there; coaching can be dynamically helpful. The scenario will grow to a major extent in coming days because of cut throat competition where an organization as a whole may achieve but then wandering minds within the company premises will go on proliferating. In such scenario; group coaching or individual coaching can work in refined manner.
In one of the group discussions of Linked in there was a subject/topic raised by one person “Should every company have a coach?” The discussion was taken seriously by many members and the hottest part was; majority members were of the opinion that company should have a coach hierarchically. I was also the participant for the said discussion and I went with the same opinion. In current scenario or even after five years, Individual cases to need coaching are going to rise because of the personal relationships are getting disturbed. This will have major reason of afflictions and conflicts between opposite sex due to majority problems created in the relationship where both the parties will have disparity in uniting with each other because of several egoistic parameters of the personality due to status of the established personalities in the professional areas. Coaching can help them in removing the barriers of such kind and /or any other difficulties and will make them see better tomorrow in the personal management.  Hope Coaching will be seen as an activity which has infinite natural parameters to make people flourished.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

SoulOmkar Vision growing

Blissful Joy,

SoulOmkar vision has lot of mirrors to establish matured approach for our Life Process.

I do welcome all to share the mirror and glow the true reflection in the minds of Humanity.

Are you reluctant to share openly and with equality??? Do not worry SoulOmkar's vision has widening tools to accommodate everyone who is divine from within.

Even though somebody has not realized SoulOmkar can make them realize as it is a oneness feeling that SoulOmkar believes in.

Come and enjoy the same!!!!