Wednesday, 27 April 2016



Due to fierce competition and large amount of comparison because of immense talent pool which is accessible in the global world, it is highly imperative to have our SELF MOTIVATION intact now a days to survive!!!!
Without having any support, how we can derive self motivation; is a matter of concern. Because many times when I deliver my coaching sessions, people ask me, “Sir, how should we derive self motivation as it is harder process to perceive?” But my answer is always, “Yes my friends it is very easy to do that!”

If  we know our priorities of life with respect to our dreams/aims we have set; then possibilities of one getting motivated on  his/her own;  will be greater. Secondly if we are determined irrespective of any hindrances that we may confront, we will remain focused which in turn will support our motivational energy which should not get lost at any point of time. In the word Motivation we can find out one or two important words which have direct inclination as to how motivation can be self driven!!! First is Motive and second is Move according to me where continuous positive movement towards our motive will have automated self motivation!
We have tremendous influential elements  in the outside world which de-motivates us very often or even people around us many times discourages us reacting in such a fashion where our efficiency will get decreased. But then keeping in mind that we humans have an ability to control and decontrol our vision the way we want because of strong brainful and mindful abilities, self motivation can be easy to achieve. Motivation plays a part of water in growing the seed of any plant! Motivation is in our conviction i.e. in our approach. It means everyone has different taste and vision in appreciating something and similarly imagining that every situation in our life is a design and we are trying to make it superior by our own conviction because in this imagination our motivation is hidden and then any exterior incident will not bother us and will not override our abilities.


1.       PAINT YOUR PICTURE OF EVERY MOMENT POSITIVELY- Many times…whenever any situation crops up, we get scared and without giving a thought we react and also get depressed. Instead, if we will paint a picture of that particular situation by imagining that we are the part of the situation and handling the same diligently without any fear, it will be courageous.  At the same time, one should have a painted picture of every short term goal he or she has set for himself/herself because it helps a lot to remain energetic irrespective of problems.  When I thought of becoming a life coach, I painted a picture of what I shall be five years down the line and how people would think of me everyday being a life coach or even am I getting something really extraordinary in life due to which my motivation will remain forever? These questions helped me a lot because I painted a unique picture and have been painting almost every day since the day I started working as a life coach.

2.       USE POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS CONSTANTLY ON EVERY DAY – Using affirmations like, “ I am healthy, I am happy!” and I started using this affirmation at the time of doing exercise in the morning and it started making my day more and more beautiful just because of this simple positive affirmation in life! Start jumping little bit…then start clapping and then start uttering these words and see the difference it will have in your life! The way we get habituated to something by practicing various things as per our own likes or even the way we have our breakfast every day or even sleep every day or even the bath, why can’t we get habituated with few positive affirmations like stated above? Yes, we can for sure!!!!! Before going to the bed in the night or  before getting off from the bed on every sunny morning, if we will start chanting few affirmations as if it is our prayer…it will surely help you in maintaining your motivation intact. Self motivation works like as if the machine needs overhauling after certain period…the man will need to be motivated at every step and hence overhauling will have to be done every day instead of making it a practice after every interval. Isn’t it interesting??? I also started chanting “AUM” every day and it worked fabulously for keeping my enthusiasm intact.

3.       LISTEN TO SOME HEALING MUSIC OR GET ASSOCIATED WITH ALMOST EVERY FORM OF MUSIC- I am a professional musician and after having a journey of almost 20 years, when I kept of listening to good music…I realized one day that barring all obstructions in life, I can surely keep my motivation blossoming and the healing gimmick was nothing but listening to pure music which you love from the bottom of your heart. For e.g. When I am depressed, I listen to the tune of piano or group violin or strings  etc. and it activates my emotional intelligence in such a manner that I reveal some precious thing about myself and it works as a self motivation. Likewise, if people will listen to the healing music which they appreciate as per their taste, it will surely inspire them.  So be a good listener of GENUINE MUSIC!!!!

4.       DO SOME BENEVOLENT ACTIVITY AS A PART OF YOUR NORMAL SCHEDULE- Social aspect is really essential in the current world of affairs and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a buzz word now a days in the industrial world but then think as if you on your won has some terrific benevolence on the basis of which you plan to have some social activity as a part of your normal schedule. Try and find out such social organizations where you can be a part of the same easily without having any monetary investment and help the people selflessly where it is a self motivation within itself. Over a period of time, you will realize that you have lot of social homes with whom you have got associated and you feel really homely there because of pure sharing & giving  approach!

5.       BE CREATIVE IN YOUR OWN AREA OF POTENTIAL- The worst part which I have observed in people through my journey of a life coaching is; when people can not tap their true potentials and remain de-motivated & stressful thereto!  In such a situation I really feel like helping them in revealing their own circle of abilities which has a greater radius and diameter…! And when I see that zeal on their faces, I can make out that because of some unconditional desire to help people in making them find their own potentials, the world around me has changed totally where only glorious feeling of achieving something persists in your mind and moreover if you will see people becoming very creative in their own potential field then sky is the limit. Writing a letter to your own many times is a creative way of utilizing time and likewise there will be such numerous ways to adopt where your self motivation will remain intact! Isn’t it exciting? Yes very much…! Because I tried one exercise one day…! One day there was little more time for me to go inside the cabin of one senior person for the meeting and then his secretary asked me to wait in the reception. I waited over there and then all of a sudden thought came in mind…that what kind of thinking people carry when they come and go like this in various organizations….and it goes in multiples…how such scenario affects or effects. Just by sitting over there,  I wrote a poem on those people who come and go like me in various organizations…and to my surprise it gave me a great motivation to lead life enormously in an emphatic way!!!

So  friends, above five ways can surely keep you motivated because I could think of one line of famous management philosopher Robin Sharma, who  says “BE A ROCKSTAR LIKE A POET” Because poet has his own world of creative aspects and he feels out of this world when he writes a poem and it is an expression of ROCKSTAR, right? Similarly you can have your own ROCKSTAR feeling in your life to keep your motivation rejoicing!!!



Monday, 4 April 2016

HRs are selfishers or givers?

Hello All,


HR is the most crucial department I have ever seen in any organization because human being as an asset has full control getting extended from HR where it gives real strength to the people to work more efficiently because the emotional intelligence gets depicted by HR people first due to which they get tremendous courage.

There are different streams of degrees available in HR stream where MBA with HR, PGDBM with HR, MPM, Management degree from foreign etc... are available where even people from IIM can be seen working on a higher post in HR.

HR by the terminology & concept is very effective but how far HR by the concept of humanly element is getting implemented??? The question seems to be arrogant but it makes sense because nurturing of HRs may not be getting done with a point of view where humanly aspect gets developed while someone is getting educated in that stream! With due respect to all HRs, my observation has a different kind of expression and i.e. HRs are selfishers rather than givers! I have a great respect for this department and if I would not have been in finance department when I was working in service sector, I would have gone for HR. I used to see that many colleagues of mine used to say that trainings on soft skills do not suffice and it is a wastage of time....and then I used to question myself that if such a scenario is long the compassionate attitude will remain alive among people if they do not want soft skill enhancement in their personality as a predominant factor of every place wherever they will work???

When I started working as a Life Balance Coach, I found that I am happened meet many HR people who just want to gather information from me but they were least interested in giving something....and giver's gain policy works excellently in business which is being said by the popular author and inventor of networking, Dr. Ivan Misner...! Then giver's gain can not be existing in organizations where somebody works as an employee??? We encourage all employees to work like entrepreneurs and then HRs as an employees are at times behave like rulers where giving attitude in the form of motivation is also lost at their end!

We can admit that HR people have targets and so is the case with every human being on this earth but then why that selfish approach is being seen in them at times....! Everybody is working to earn but then people being  in HR have some x factor to utilize for the benefit of the employees??? OR it is the responsibility of every being...because then why HR department should exist; will be a concern on the platter!

When I was working as an reputed company's HR department had mis-leaded me in terms of working zone and initially because they assured me to allocate comfortable time zone,,,I said yes but then after joining scenario came as a shocking surprise where I was transferred to adverse time zone where I was not keen! This is one example I am giving but then we are able to observe lot of hue and cry in many organizations with respect to HR department as a whole. I see that when recruitment process is being delegated to some different referencing companies, people do a referencing call quite casually and the information which is expected to be extracted can not get fetched in the right manner and then....we know how chaotic the recruitment process becomes!!!!

Every human is selfish in the first place but then in the corporate world while defining multitasking processes for various departments, can we have more dynamic policies for HR where balancing selfishness and giving approach will be maintained?

Till now in my journey as a  life coach or even as a finance manager, I have rarely seen HR people showing appropriate concerns for the people because for them target driven strategy is inevitable but humanly aspect with a giving attitude can not be forgotten by these people; should be imbibed in their minds! Theory of relativity will be surely extended by opinionating here but will that remove the dust which is there over the eyes of HRs???? HRs are not objects but an objective to glorify humanly aspect because without human nothing can happen and in the first place they are humans irrespective of HR degrees!!!!
These are my experiences in real is a respectful journey! Opinions are welcome!

Blessed Self!

Mull over! Regards,

Amit Deokule
Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Member Of CCA, Canada
Professional Musician