Friday, 26 February 2016

Kali Yuga, a mystified Empowerment???

Hi All,

The movie of Shahrukh Khan which is in the name "FAN" has already been brewing with lot of exciting discussions among the crowd where we can easily see that the actor has wooed the audience for last many years in such a manner that the director felt that there is some sense in releasing the movie by name "FAN" because of the empowered fame Shahrukh has gained!

Salman Khan is already famous in the society because of his "BEING HUMAN" commitment he has given to himself by establishing that brand in the public. Even clothing material has been tagged by this brand name where younger generation is crazy behind using this brand on their taste of clothing fashions they wear in the common parlance!

Akshay Kumar is a popular actor because of his stunts and the patriotism he is exhibiting through movies. Aamir Khan is an actor who outshines himself by his unique features of personality and conviction which brings iconic value in his life!

All the above examples are having some relevance with respect to the empowerment they have developed in the Bollywood Industry. However the said is the realistic fact in their life but the life of everyone can not be like that and when we try to adopt such values it looks like Empowerment is MYSTIFIED.

The glory of everything can be maintained properly when we make ourselves aware of true facts related to that glory! The same way....there is a need to understand the meaning of Empowerment in Kali Yuga before it hoodwinks you! Overall economic scenario has changed in the current times where value of rupee has diminished drastically and then not bothering about the economy, the common man is just bothered about things to buy and get attracted towards everything which is materially eclipsed. We are not noticing the implications of the same and because of that empowerment has also changed its Avtaar!

I always question myself that Lord Shrikrishna taught exact values of empowerment to Arjuna and because of that although Arjuna was a great Archer, he did not use his archery everywhere unnecessarily because Lord Shrikrishna had also preached him to create empowerment wherever necessary on the path of Only DHARMA i.e. the duties which he is supposed to perform based upon destiny based desires which everyone has. On the contrary, Duryodhana had depicted mystified Empowerment which was not genuine empowerment which will be for leading himself and even others well. It was just a self focused and obscure mission for Duryodhana.

When in one of my lectures I had asked one question to one student of Management about "Are you a leader?" and he  had said, "Sir, I am not a leader for now but when I shall become  CFO or CEO of some organization that time I may call myself as a leader!" Isn't it a miserable situation in his life that he is not getting the definition of the leader or even he is not able to find out the fact that he is a leader now.....but can not become the leader 10-15 years down the line when he will become CFO or CEO of the organization???

Everyone is concerned about the empowered position of him or her but they cant be leaders now and that is why empowerment is a mystified expression and fact of  life!

Also the values inculcated for the act of empowerment are not in place and hence we are observing mystery in the said expression! Empowerment should arise from within but it is not an external phenomena. The external forces have become so strong that they are not letting the empowerment getting grown from within. Competition and Comparison have made every human being a stressed entity where diseases have started empowering the people and many times it is nothing but a mystified empowerment, isn't it?

In the jungle, still the wild life has kept its glory in the same way it was 20 years back although because of certain images like "CROCODILE MAN and such similar nomenclatures", no wonder if the wild animals have changed their way of empowering themselves in the jungle because of high interventions of humans for the sake of researching habits of wild lives!!!! :-)

Because in the Satya Yuga, even troops of monkeys were empowered by Lord Rama in such a fashion that they won over the battle with cunning Ravana and escaped Sita easily, can we call this just  a mere coincidence? So friends,we must ask following questions-

Am I empowering myself with my true potentials of personality?
Am I making people empower themselves properly and with genuine respect?
Am I a terrorist of my own sweet life by mystifying the real facts of life to lead?
Am I like Rajnikant who is a heartthrob of many all over the world through Tollywood reel life but in real life as down to earth as any commonly uncommon man who realizes the authenticity of actual liveliness of life?
Why should I empower and whom should I ask to empower?

All such questions will have answers gradually in our life provided we are justifying our empowerment rather than mystifying them and at the same time we are empowering quite naturally by keeping respect of other entities and even our own SELF!!!!

An empowered salute to all by empowering my own thinking process!!!!

Best Regards,

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Master Spirit Life Coach
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