Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Well Managed Beauty for Life AIMS!!!

Dear All,

I am happy to present my POEM on "Well Managed Beauty for Life AIMS!"

Well Managed Beauty for Life AIMS
Time Management is like a 3 hrs movie ball game!!!

Decisiveness is like an Army man without any Blame
Goal Setting can't be like 100 crore club movie with mixture of Claims!!!

Team Building is like a mindful never ending Chain
Conflict sounds like a damaged lifting Crane!!!

Jawani Diwani can be the tag line in every corporate plane
Keep in mind Kingfisher is a bird but it was never an aeroplane!!!

To be in good books requires face off approach being in the seclusion
Owner of Facebook created opportunities to billions to have their free of charge publication!!!

Ramayana or Mahabharata may be virtually created stories but are factual brains
Steve Jobs or Bill Gates are factual stories but may be an innovative kit like global Insane!!!

Preserving values of Narayanamurthy  of Infosys deserves courageous dream frame
Vision of Dr. Abdul Kalaam is an epitome of leadership membrane!!!

Continuously constant moves gives consistent results like Lalu's magical profitable train
Lagaan, 3 Idiots become benchmarks in the market management Zen!!!

Creating wave like Flipcart/Reliance develops unstoppable fame
Steady growth like Tata Empire needs patience to tame!!!

Motivation is seen in the personality of Charlie Chaplin like a sudden gain
Making up the face and the mirror reflection entails purely integrated AIM!!!

Spirituality is nothing but identifying real taste in the knowledge Den
Character building requires 100% voting alike for Narendra Modiji  transparently even in the foggy rain!!!

By Amit Deokule
Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Global Member of CCA, Canada
Professional Musician