Saturday, 25 May 2013

Happiness Index-A Compsomised tool in today's world?

Dear All,


Off Late...I have arrived at a temporary conclusion with a permanent thinking state that Happiness Index has attained its dormant state for sure and in days to come it will surely go in a sleeping mode!!!!

I met few groups while coaching in last couple of months and found that when I ask to prioritize the list of happy elements...and the first element comes as "MONEY"! For a while I can agree with them but in the next moment, I start differing because then I realize that money is a part and parcel of life which is an inherent habit of everybody to achieve the level of meeting both ends!!!!

But when somebody makes it a deliberate measure of life to count it in the list of happiness then...a person like me gets puzzled because that is the stage where God starts testing our cognitive capability of self assessment.

Money is important and by earning sufficient can buy happiness but is there any need to buy happiness????

Somebody will shuck away thought from the mind when money will not be in the picture of happiness!!!!

What is the extentions of letters in the word HAPPY? According to is HEALING ARTISTIC PROACTIVE PEPPY YUMMY!!!!!

First three words have some sensible meaning but rest of the two are sounding like....kiddish...immatured...!!!! But in reality they have lot of meaning because they have a natural flavour of being naturally HAPPY! Why? Because peppy is something which is high spirited and yummy is something which is the most desirable!!!! And when we can start finding these of the three i.e. healing...artistic...and proactiveness; these words should get a true expression!!!

But by running after the most precious but mindfully the most painful element called as Money...can we get real healing...artistic touch...and proactiveness in any action that we perform?

There is a saying that richness should be felt in the heart but not in earning the MONEY!!!!

I know that many of us will distinctively differ and argue if Money will be kept away from the priority list of happiness! But it is least at the back of mind...I have a support of encouraging words of LORD SHRIKRISHNA who preached us the real taste of ENRICHING RICHNESS!!!!

Hence even after remaining in the world of competitiveness and highly economical situation...I am audaciously raising the same subject which has been digged out by many great philosophers ; just to imbibe the genuineness of HAPPINESS!!!!

When I am writing this article...if I would not have remained HAPPY...the real gist could never have come out of my mind!!!!! I believe this fact and I mean it!!!!

The way...the whole earth has started melting...the happiness index will surely start melting and someday would take a shape of ensured realms of a human being so far as happy feeling is concerned!!!!

Everything has to give time! May be...someone will laugh at the above thoughts as they may sound weird in this current situation where everything has been getting measured in terms of monetary value!!!! I wonder...this word value must have got depressed because its valuable preciousness has changed and it is just marketed...! The word value...must be waiting to get reincarnated! Because then the value of happiness will also be realized automatically!!!!!

Anyways....I wish all of you to derive the best happiness index as per their own vision but do not forget to verify and check the authenticity of that index with a specific interval because that is where supreme power will intervene someday naturally and will let you recognize the richness of Happiness with it own pure form!!!!!


Blissful Joy,
Amit Deokule
Certified Life Balance Coach
Certified Master Spirit Life Coach
Member of CCA, Canada,
Professional Musician/Accountant
Associate Pranic Healer