Tuesday, 18 December 2012

HR cultural orientation should be developed from every house???

Dear All,


When we talk about Human Resource department of any organization, it is considered as the most key department since the asset of human gets structured in the organization through that and then everything gets coordinated from there where satisfaction, remuneration, working code of conduct, nature of work, perquisites, appraisals get extended!

Without this department , nothing can be possible in any organization. Many times their visioned approach decides every move in the organization as then customer orientation, trainings, coaching facilitate from that department.

Motivation is the most pre-requisite psychological factor which becomes an important element while working. We always differ our own life by comparing personal and professional platforms separately, however considering both the aspects of the same entity....nothing supercedes each other.

In current times, the nature and working of HR has changed a lot where efficient people are needed and numbers are emphasized rather than anything else. Ofcourse quality is measured for sure but it is time to analytically think about whether that quality and humanly standards are getting maintained?

Somewhere since there are and have been people from various communities, always many subconscious minds are working for one conscious state i.e. one organization and so on and so forth! Hence there is a jumbling created by many although they may be following code of conduct of their respective organization!  Because of this many aspects are being ignored by them and then....things can go haywire....!

Now the question is; when anybody works in the organization in HR, what and how should be his or her approach? We may not be talking about these aspects in detail but then why only numbers and commission are getting emphasized in HR now a days where humanly element and placing right candidate with right spirit and potential; is forgotten predominantly????

Then I would say that the question I have raised in the subject line Would that make a difference or if not then what can be done because every department is working without humanizing their own personality?

People are least bothered about valuing every case while recruting the candidate! Then I would say that cultural orientation is missing somewhere and people are learning to be the perfect candidate for HR to earn money but not to earn true respect! Then I would take the opportunity to quote that let us start developing their attitude being HR from every house...because then every house will also remain attached to the family members and more often human element will peep in and depict the real existence of natural human being!!! :-)

Life coaching has sense to improve these aspects individually or socially in a group! Superficially it may be portrayed that we being HR ; are there to help you out but are we getting benefitted from HR's policies in every organization? Pre-recruitment stage is also experiencing lot of loopholes and lacunas in the process where interested candidates are contacted but then they are not contacted if certain cases are ignored for the said vacancy or recruitment process even after interest of knowing the feedback getting extended!

We know that the world is become so fast that one has to focus what is important during every stage of achieving any target but the questions remains....Has world become so fast that we have started forgetting human values so easily?????


Amit Deokule
Certified Life Balance Coach
Certified Master Spirit Life Coach
Member of CCA, Canada,
Musician/Accounting-Finance Professional

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

General Awareness from coaches in case of disabled people and their mind recovery

Hi All,


After being contributed to coaching stream with respect to disabled people for a year or so, I have something to share with you all as a learner in the first place and then a coach-

1. Mind is an inherent authority of every person and for the disabled ones, it is a delicated asset more than anything else...!
2. For them...recovery is the toughest call to take when they start looking at life as unique process and a Goal!
3. We all are humans in the first place but in the second place...it is the ultimate truth that these people have to digest that they can accept the way they are! which is the most challenging phase.
4. Motivating them is a thin line between what is their happiness and what are their expectations??? where one has to patiently survive among them to revive them for the survival.
5. Continuously assuming them to be a normal human being and working with them is a simple theory but remember for them it is not easily acceptable because in our absence these people surely get influenced by depressed thought of other careless people and we ave to accept this first.
6. There could be injuries which can not heal for the whole life in their cases but the people who adore such personalities or existences have to be patient and give their own space with charming modalities that could take a different form...! Means...give them or show them pleasurable life but at the same time try to explain to them inner charm which is more important than external one and this is where one has to rehabilitate his or her own vision peculiarly.
7. After being discussed with few foreignor coaches or Indian, too..I am of the opinion that coaching can work fabulously when we do not remain under botheration and at the same time we do not stick to any counselling or psychological stuff producing short term results.
8, We may have our own limitations to continue working with such people but remember...their feasible thinking capacity of the brain limit their ability to think frequently but not like a normal human being... although we all accept that normal human beings require more resoruces to cure many times :).

ARE WE THINKING TO REVIVE OUR OWN VISIONS FOR THE SURVIVAL OF THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR TRUE HAPPINESS??? Many times monetary attractions are appealing to them when we keep working for them and show them the material world but if we work on their expectations and beliefs, gradually results will be seen because they are unrepaired machines with 100% depreciation where we want to fetch them values by making them repairable ones with lesser depreciation may be from 100 to 20%.




BE RADIANT ONES AND SPIRITS FOR ACTIVATING THEIR ENERGY!!!!! We may have got good environment but are they getting that even after providing all luxuries??? :) or SOMETHING DIFFERENT HAS TO BE SERVED??? 



Amit Deokule
Certified Life Coach
Certified Master Spirit Life Coach
Member of CCA, Canada
Musician/Accounts Professional

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Want to get pressurized or come out of it???

Hi All,

After a long time, I am publishing something on the blog. I was pressurized to write something. Hold On….I may have used a wrong word “Pressurized” but friends , the trend is such where we all are pressurizing each other for the sake of earning and living.

Now I would say that I was motivated to write something because of this word “Pressurized”.
Competitiveness and Comparison, the last blog was on the said subject but now I wanted to extend my willingness to raise a question how we are going to manage “Pressure”.
Giving Pressure, Getting Pressurized, Taking Pressure…I was wondering how one will survive when he or she will continuously be in the same circle of people who like to see somebody getting pressurized or giving pressure. Slavery has created this phenomena and people are trying to live up to the expectations of Pressurized feeling. Some may get through, some fail, some get stuck, some suffer and some get exploited.  I do not want to talk about success rate or excellence rate when pressures are being put.
I want to extend this discussion because implications of this would be horrible in the future. Forget about the future but in current times since we are forgetting the existing value of humanity due to this.
For the sake of meeting both the ends in life, one has to accept the job as it is and go ahead blindly without thinking of what may happen if such a pressurized attitude continues….!

Would this really expose the real potential of people?
Would this serve the cause and effect of every act diligently?
Would this give true happiness out of job one is performing?
Would knowledge be justified under such circumstances?
Would organization be benefitted exponentially high?
How long this trend can be continued if we do not want to respect each other’s professional or personal existence?
Why one should be treated as slave in such a scenario? Why can’t we give free space, even computer needs a free space and human asset only creates that free space by defragging or deleting unnecessary data?

I would say that by pressurizing each other in the community of humans, we are extending virus packages which will come with a handsome price prima facie but in the long run…its authenticity will expire and price will have to be reduced as everybody or everything needs anti-virus and  Getting Pressurized, giving Pressures is nothing but creating viruses in the community substantially.
Hey, it will be our primary responsibility to take pressures for winning our own “SELF” but then let these pressures have an essence of Respect, Effulgence of Integrated feeling, helping approach, growth attitude with real sense of belongingness. We all are flowers but withering them ; should not be our target but blossoming them ; is our essential assigned motive.

Am I right, am I pressurizing you by saying so? Do not get that feeling but have precious feeling from within to realize what one’s existence really means for each other! May be tomorrow, Earth will ask everyone when she will start facing rapid calamities and that process has already been started!!!!

Cheers, Amit

Monday, 9 July 2012

We all are victims of Comparisons and Competitiveness

Dear all,

Greetings!!! After a long time SoulOmkar is posting on its blog about comparability ratio in consonance with Competitiveness since it felt that this is a serious issue which should be converted into fructifying solution!!!

We all are hovering around the world of competitiveness since external world demands the same progressively because of which the said phenomena has tremendous reflection in our personal lives also!!!
We tend to get swayed towards this concept as competitiveness lets people run behind status, money, fame and allied pleasurable luxuries!!! This in turn causes tremendous traumatic impact on one's life but we have forgotten our social values, humanly qualities in this far superior competitive marketed streams of pragmatic life. How one is going to become happy in such a situation!!!??

This competition is also growing far traditional activity of being compared with each other!!!
We are bound to get affected by influential comparisons which happen in personal as well as professional lives!!! Because of comparisons and competitions we have kept our real qualities, essential elements of personality behind in the dustbins of negative side of the coin. We are unnecessarily focusing on outcomes with only extraordinarily attached monetary and marketed elements which is spoiling the whole show!!!!

Can we bring congruence in between comparison and competition?

Congruence is a state which can make anything a balanced process where outcome can not be definite but we can ensure sustained output converting our unconditional or conditional minds reliable to produce calculative product relating to our personal or professional goals!!!

The same way, let us thrive off challenging deals for our own improvement in our own capability models of potentials and test ourselves modestly because world is not going to change or it may change organically but it is our prime responsibility to extend our flexible minds to change our perception to achieve determined vision where after doing so, we may get inorganically dynamic outcomes. So In between comparisons and competitions let us have congruent factor to re-shape out confused state of mind and re-organize our own life in a balanced way!!!!

To maintain congruence what can be done-

1. Think of various situations of decision making process.
2. Think from all angles
3. Give your perception an unconditional flexible power to look at things with a bigger mind of pure attitude.
4. See every situation differently.
5. Recognize our potentials and at the same time limitations of our capable personality.
6. Put ourselves in the shoes of our own situation where we are doing some task which is not at all our liking but still situation is making us do so and we are fighting contagiously but with all protections of presence of mind on ; to curb what is to be stopped and to create which has to be continued to flourish.
7. Understand other's life process well when we are in a stage to understand our own life diligently.
8. Give your failures a booster of motivational preaching.
9. Increase acceptance level.
10. Decide your own pleasures and ofcourse their path of progress with balancing act of negotiated feeling at every moment of uncertain life.
11. Enjoy the present moment.
12. Be blessed with what we have as an asset of one's personality and be content with the same.

Hope we all will stop comparing with each other and forget that it is a world of competition but would take in stride the same as congruently focused mission to establish peaceful happiness in each other's life as LIFE AS A CONCEPT IS A UNIQUE ONE AND ONLY ONE WHICH WE GET ONLY ONCE!!!!!

Cheers and blissful joy!!!!

Certified Life Balance Coach
certified Master Spirit Life Coach

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Why do we tend to change the people and society thereon?

Dear All,


Our perception continuously looks for something where change will occur and then we go on searching for the same resources. We always want things to happen in our favor and if they do not then we get upset.

Expectation and Hope does not go hand in hand as they connote similar meaning but does not have that spice of linking actually.

But since human being has something in extra to foresee or even share...we tend to think that the world around us should change as per our perception and also people around us should make that change to experience...!

However, it does not really so every time we expect something in return after giving and that is the litmus test for all of us.

We need "CHANGE" but for what purpose change has to be occurred; matters a lot.

We all are creative, potentially good enough to see things happening but external forces are bound to be there popping up , so what would be our changing strategy to hold those external forces and see changes occurring??

It is difficult or it is much easier process to change people, perception, period, place as per our wants and needs. Change is for satisfying our EGO or change is to cultivate better image in the society for something?

Change is for giving benevolently or change is for receiving good returns?

Change if for the well being of the people or change is for keeping invisible energy intact in something?

Change depends upon Demand and Supply theory or change depends upon circumstances ?

Why there have been great philosophers or management personalities who have written dynamically about change or going/thinking beyond change????

What are the parameters of change and why they should be in such a manner?

We all must give a thought on "Perception and Vision" of person and the society as a whole , after being analyzed the same, we may realize the appropriation of thoughts to make a change in the scenario where we hover around!!!!!

So be cautious and well prepared to make changes where you will get something in return which has an essence of Godly perspective as nobody can't deny the invisible energy which is natural.

In the current world, lot many changes are needed in one's life or the society or the nation or the world around but if somebody has something obscure in mind for the change to happen, how things will support your unconditional approach???

So gradual changes or rapid changes, all depend upon circumstances of the cases but giving justice for the situation properly ; is our matter of wisdom which is important!!!!!


Cheers, Amit

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Balanced Mapped Mind gives you energy, effectivity, enthusiasm!!!!!

Dear All,


Soulomkar is approaching you through our Blog after quite a long time....!!!!! We assume that it was a gestation period to think on many aspects and angles of life processes.

Now we are here to talk about mind mapping which everybody does invariably but since we do not analyze it consciously decisions go wrong sometimes.

On every situation we tend to think mindfully. Our bold and beautiful disciplinary actions as per our own able vision, makes our decisions fruitful and resultant factor moulds our next action....!!!!

One can not imagine of the outcome many times but if we have balanced approach and if we do map our soulful mind and its repercussions watchfully, we can gather what is expected and how it can be attained or achieved. We are always in search of achievement motivation and that gives us energy to produce next thought with progressive reflections.

When we confront any situation...our mind observes it consciously and then passes the signal to our subconscious and then it tallies that situation with our already preserved pre-determined thoughts by our subconscious. Lot of gamble and prejudices may make our mind disturbed as subconscious may have impressions of several births...!!!!

But to equalize the situational decision..one has to create balanced mapping of our mind and its reflections on our strategical thinking to arrive at some disciplined decision according to our vision.

One should have approach where if he or she thinks it is the best then one should not get distracted from that decision. So to be in a position to attain that stage of accepting the disciplinary decisions taken at individual'e end...balanced mapped mind helps us in reviving the moment with evolutionary steps taken.

On one thought may be..we have ample of opinions where mind mapping starts but yes we can convert mind mapping into balanced mapped mindful activity by transforming our conscious decisions into effective progression. It is possible provided we have enthusiastic connection with cosmic and natural laws of living life and confronting measures.

Hey All....we all have strength of assessing our own path by having path breaking willingness positively. However we all forget our potential and get influenced externally with higher percentage. But we must to our inner voice at every step because that will give shape to out mapped mind in a balanced way...So do not forget to pamper your mapped mind with proper cosmic evaluation!!!!!


Certified Life Coach and Master Spirit Life Coach

Friday, 10 February 2012

Personality Ratio Analysis

Dear All,


We are hovering around the world which is full of calculations, numbers, figures etc.

I really wonder how one can survive in this world when somebody's mind is philosophical and can not tolerate calculative aspect...!!!! BUT again after thinking a lot, one's mind boils down to calculation...!

I happened to meet one person who was nothing but full of calculations...how?

We met after a long time...his first question was?? Hey let us have dinner in Marriot as I have chariot driver...!!!! Second question was...Hey are bringing your i-phone or still on android???

Are you wearing branded clothes...which brand are these...Woodland...Levis...Pantaloon...or may be something more than expensive!!???
Should we meet at my home...it is in Koregaon Park area...very expensive location indeed!!! Should I send my Audi to pick you up???

I was highly confused by these unfamiliar questions because if I would have answered them one by one...my invested thoughts could have fallen down and my market of wealthy vision would have crashed immediately!!! Alas...I did control my foresight and could refrain myself from tumbling the market!!! BUT I had a big question of whether to meet this costly personality or not?

I started calculating his personality with certain financial ratios... NET Worth...Profit Margin...Equity Multiplier... All figures were imaginary but I could end up solving all ratios with a fumbling state...!

Then I thought to tell him the reason of no meeting for that day by lying about me as not keeping well....!!! Huh....got rescued for that day...!!!!

But you know from that day...my ordinary philosophical mind became so calculative deliberately which took me to rest for some time by resting at home...! I was so restless...!!

However for the problem, solutions were always there and I could not avoid myself doing through research on Personality Ratio analysis and it was as follows-

One's personality should have real fragrance of analytical vision with intelligence which will not fetch value but will fetch genuine emotionally high intelligence preciousness...!!!!

Personality turnover should be based upon how many people one could connect loyally in his or her kitty with real urge to flourish by way of sharing and wishing?

Real time server of human brain is so sharpening that one can think about one's existence rather than his or her material wealth at his or her end without any disturbance, turbulence, hindrance !!!

One's investment in vision and attitude will help more than investing in monetary gains!!!

Assets Turnover will be greater if the asset has real virtual concern of humanity!!!

If we will define our revenue in terms of experimenting our creativity to share with people, the expenses would be at minimum and which will be nothing but time and energy consumption which the Nature also does, right???

Preference should be given to capability so that equal participation with purity will enhance the level of capital investment in one discussion as such!!!

Multiplier will not be required as multiple visions will come together to pray for enchanting results naturally!!!

There will not remain any outstanding or even receivables as to one's personal or professional vision sharing if material things would have no place on this earth!!!!

Hence proactive guys and respected woman organization...who should be responsible for spreading personal positive vibes without having essence of material effect which will affect certain things of the life process...what should be the dynamic solution for keeping effulgence of one's personality and how?

Ratio of one's personality ought to be INFINITE : INFINITE...Let us not have any ratio in figures because somebody would take this wrong....!!!! As currently world is attaining confusion by hovering around numbers and figures....!!!!

HIGH ALERT ON NOT SPREADING WRONG SIGNALS ABOUT PERSONALITY ASSESSMENT!!!! Personal CBI system should be made effective!!!! Then even even Anti-terrorist squad is also not required..!!!


Now I am able to breathe easily after sharing and opening up at ease!!! :)



Thursday, 26 January 2012

What is the revenue/expenses of our Professional or Personal Dignity?

Dear All,


A buzz around for the successful feeling for the life as a whole!!!!

Money, Status, Luxuries, Good Looking Couple's married life etc....!!!

Today the questions is being asked by people....Hey what is your turnover???

If I say...it is less than Rs. 10000/- or so , my existence will be forgotten totally.
If I say...it is contemporary but not very lucrative, my existence will be given a thought.
If I say in millions or billions, my existence will be given a priority with status symbol.

This is how professional or even personal synergies on the basis of monetary gains are getting established.

Disheartening...Disappointing...Disastrous...Devastating!!!! Priceless value of one's personality has become void ab initio.

Everybody is going into the shell of pragmatism with only statusful luxuries and it has become the measurement of pride with honour. ALAS!!! how we are going to survive in this KALI YUGA with humanly aspect when humanity is lost among people.

At one end...there are tools available to establish yourself as a person where people should call you a gem of a person and on the other end attractions, externally eclipsed false excitements are impressing the mass and the class of people is getting deprived of those unconditional rights of blossoming with purity.

In practical life, expenses and revenue do matter and it has to be...but if one's talent is getting a marketed status like an equity, how there is going to be equality in terms of allocating proper weight age for the appropriate personality.

At one end...management perspective is getting imbibed and at another end mismanaged impoverished quality is getting delivered to hoodwink the pure person....

Money is running the world but we are not running it with the help of money since our six vices are popping up everywhere. We are trying to be at loggerheads and nobody is thinking how he or she can be a blue eyed person for the real superpower who has created this world...Let that super power decide your value in terms of genuine revenue and expenses of the personality in the form of vices/virtues.

Pure potentiality is hidden behind the curtains. Everybody wants the corrupt and clever attitude leaving aside his or her true intelligence and ethical values...!!!!

I am amazed to see that people at a senior level are also changing the perception but with a wrong proactive vision...!!!

Ultimately what will be the profit of all these scenarios???? Can one arrive at even break even???


Do not let time and money captured your genuineness and purity of soulful mind!!!! Am I correct??? Even if not...at least being the democratic personality it is our birth right to express with open heart!!!!



Thursday, 12 January 2012

Need to have 9 am to 5 pm working hours to make our life process better?

Dear All,

There is a far cry so far as stressful life style is concerned!!!
The system of Outcry in the share market will get implemented in everybody's life and then everybody will be willing to extend his or her share in this regard by gathering together at one place. :)

Lucrative Salary, Ecstatic work location, dynamic position, fame, perquisites, opportunities abroad...all these aspects are making material life very excited but nobody was able to analyze the hidden headache in this excitement when there was a need to do that.

Oops, where is Mr. X? He is at his work place... Where Mrs. Y? She is still in the office...actually her children are waiting for her but alas!! she is not able to pay heed towards their upbringing...at one side this is a story...On the other side...this working woman is happy to keep their children at Crest so that they can work with liberty. What about cultural development, their health, their fidelity...etc...???

All these questions are cropping up with one major issue in everybody's life...i.e. STRESS!!!!

When we talk about Spirituality with corporate a guy or a girl, they get scared of the person discussing about spirituality...what a difficult concept this chap is raising to share??? Hey we do not know that, please chat about visiting hotels, motel, pub, coffee shop, pizza shop, movie multiplex etc.....then yes everybody enhances his or her spice towards such personality...!!!!

At the same time...there is a trend established to join various spiritual organizations and imitate to meditate....!!!! It has become a buzzword in the corporate where to remove stress people are becoming a part of such social organizations to remove stress with a so called status symbol!!! :)

Is this sounding funny????

Governance was formulated by specific people for the whole community of people and then everybody started ruling over like a King by overruling governance and one fundamentally weaker concept took birth called as "Competitive Growth by working like a hale and just do slogging "

This has killed many soulful minds and there have been examples of getting stressed and later on finding for relaxation after somebody is reaching at the extreme level of some disease...!!!

Now We want to change the perception towards our LIFE STYLE...!!! People coming or going late at night, midnight from the organization , to the organization or pub or hotel or partying at somebody's residence..may be feeling at one corner of the heart to change this system but WHEN????

Who will change??? Our Parliament? corporate industry mentoring panel? It is the people who are going to initiate the action against this...as this is a necessity in the current world of stress and over competitiveness.

Life is something more than just competition, wealth, material richness in totality...




Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Betterment is in our hands...Natural Boon- Be bold with brilliance of purity...

Dear All,

Happy New Year to you all!!!!

As the days pass by and we tend to move on to the next day...month..year...;our personality demands betterment so far as our earthly existence is concerned.

We are hovering around in the world where just too much expectations are reining over exceptionally rather than exceptional experience which can be a natural phenomena with grace if nobody is pressurizing anybody for better passionate performance with perfection. However the current trend is making people highly dramatic to perform rigorously to portray that their performance is falsely acknowledgeable...Behind the scene...lot of happenings/occurrences are taking place with imbalance and improper attitude which current generation might not be realizing because of emphatic heavy pay packages against their performance.

For this, People are opting for any ways & means to make their own life better. Is really betterment taking shape properly where their life will be thoroughly pure and their real boldness of brilliance is getting a note???

Should we say "It is difficult to predict the same?!!!" ?

Natural boon given by the divinity of Nature; has been forgotten and some artificial consequences are becoming the victim of today's socially aggressive and highly economic world of technical innovation.

Betterment is in our own hands but we are expecting the same from each other's expectations for becoming richer and richer so far as material subjects are concerned.... However one should not forget that his or her existence is not just meant for unnecessary demand and supply but for thoughtful appropriation of pure vision!!!

We are using our brilliance for unrealistic measures of our life where too much importance is being emphasized for the materialistic aspects. This is rather increasing our tensions where handling material burden is becoming like a donkey's role...!

Recognizing our cognitive capability with correct emotional intelligence is the need of the hour...at the same time loyal with ourselves is growing importance of our existence because is going to enhance the boldness of our approach and attitude...!!!

Are we ready to do that or do we still want to enjoy the world of false implications, impressions, impulses??? We are not foreseeing the impoverished outlook in the vision of pragmatism and realism...but it is imperative to identify the same right now...!!!

Our conscious is experiencing varied things empirically where exponentially we do not know where we leading ourselves but one must try to stabilize the subconscious because that is the stage where there might be a contradiction with conflict to a high extent and its management will be difficult if we would continue with the same habit..

When we see or experience anything bad and suffer...then we realize that the respective incident should not occur again and then we try to conceive the same with caution and controlled state of mind...if the same is happening to somebody else...we think, share but do not perceive the said incident so seriously by imagining ourselves in that person's shoes' which should occur at every moment because then the "AFFINITY" will rise and there will not be any sudden fall in our life.

When we see the flowers in the nature may on the mountains...in the valley...etc..we enjoy their beauty with natural purity and collect that visual journey in the memories of our stored heart and spacious mind...and try to recollect them...If we go there again after few days..we might not enjoy the same with the same spice...similarly our life should take in stride the essence of each moment situationally. Blossoming is the natural feature of any flower...and we all are flowers which will never wither if we continue blossoming with purity in brilliance and boldness...then invariably betterment will see the things taking place appropriately in our life...