Thursday, 26 January 2012

What is the revenue/expenses of our Professional or Personal Dignity?

Dear All,


A buzz around for the successful feeling for the life as a whole!!!!

Money, Status, Luxuries, Good Looking Couple's married life etc....!!!

Today the questions is being asked by people....Hey what is your turnover???

If I is less than Rs. 10000/- or so , my existence will be forgotten totally.
If I is contemporary but not very lucrative, my existence will be given a thought.
If I say in millions or billions, my existence will be given a priority with status symbol.

This is how professional or even personal synergies on the basis of monetary gains are getting established.

Disheartening...Disappointing...Disastrous...Devastating!!!! Priceless value of one's personality has become void ab initio.

Everybody is going into the shell of pragmatism with only statusful luxuries and it has become the measurement of pride with honour. ALAS!!! how we are going to survive in this KALI YUGA with humanly aspect when humanity is lost among people.

At one end...there are tools available to establish yourself as a person where people should call you a gem of a person and on the other end attractions, externally eclipsed false excitements are impressing the mass and the class of people is getting deprived of those unconditional rights of blossoming with purity.

In practical life, expenses and revenue do matter and it has to be...but if one's talent is getting a marketed status like an equity, how there is going to be equality in terms of allocating proper weight age for the appropriate personality.

At one perspective is getting imbibed and at another end mismanaged impoverished quality is getting delivered to hoodwink the pure person....

Money is running the world but we are not running it with the help of money since our six vices are popping up everywhere. We are trying to be at loggerheads and nobody is thinking how he or she can be a blue eyed person for the real superpower who has created this world...Let that super power decide your value in terms of genuine revenue and expenses of the personality in the form of vices/virtues.

Pure potentiality is hidden behind the curtains. Everybody wants the corrupt and clever attitude leaving aside his or her true intelligence and ethical values...!!!!

I am amazed to see that people at a senior level are also changing the perception but with a wrong proactive vision...!!!

Ultimately what will be the profit of all these scenarios???? Can one arrive at even break even???


Do not let time and money captured your genuineness and purity of soulful mind!!!! Am I correct??? Even if least being the democratic personality it is our birth right to express with open heart!!!!



Thursday, 12 January 2012

Need to have 9 am to 5 pm working hours to make our life process better?

Dear All,

There is a far cry so far as stressful life style is concerned!!!
The system of Outcry in the share market will get implemented in everybody's life and then everybody will be willing to extend his or her share in this regard by gathering together at one place. :)

Lucrative Salary, Ecstatic work location, dynamic position, fame, perquisites, opportunities abroad...all these aspects are making material life very excited but nobody was able to analyze the hidden headache in this excitement when there was a need to do that.

Oops, where is Mr. X? He is at his work place... Where Mrs. Y? She is still in the office...actually her children are waiting for her but alas!! she is not able to pay heed towards their one side this is a story...On the other side...this working woman is happy to keep their children at Crest so that they can work with liberty. What about cultural development, their health, their fidelity...etc...???

All these questions are cropping up with one major issue in everybody's life...i.e. STRESS!!!!

When we talk about Spirituality with corporate a guy or a girl, they get scared of the person discussing about spirituality...what a difficult concept this chap is raising to share??? Hey we do not know that, please chat about visiting hotels, motel, pub, coffee shop, pizza shop, movie multiplex etc.....then yes everybody enhances his or her spice towards such personality...!!!!

At the same time...there is a trend established to join various spiritual organizations and imitate to meditate....!!!! It has become a buzzword in the corporate where to remove stress people are becoming a part of such social organizations to remove stress with a so called status symbol!!! :)

Is this sounding funny????

Governance was formulated by specific people for the whole community of people and then everybody started ruling over like a King by overruling governance and one fundamentally weaker concept took birth called as "Competitive Growth by working like a hale and just do slogging "

This has killed many soulful minds and there have been examples of getting stressed and later on finding for relaxation after somebody is reaching at the extreme level of some disease...!!!

Now We want to change the perception towards our LIFE STYLE...!!! People coming or going late at night, midnight from the organization , to the organization or pub or hotel or partying at somebody's residence..may be feeling at one corner of the heart to change this system but WHEN????

Who will change??? Our Parliament? corporate industry mentoring panel? It is the people who are going to initiate the action against this is a necessity in the current world of stress and over competitiveness.

Life is something more than just competition, wealth, material richness in totality...




Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Betterment is in our hands...Natural Boon- Be bold with brilliance of purity...

Dear All,

Happy New Year to you all!!!!

As the days pass by and we tend to move on to the next day...month..year...;our personality demands betterment so far as our earthly existence is concerned.

We are hovering around in the world where just too much expectations are reining over exceptionally rather than exceptional experience which can be a natural phenomena with grace if nobody is pressurizing anybody for better passionate performance with perfection. However the current trend is making people highly dramatic to perform rigorously to portray that their performance is falsely acknowledgeable...Behind the scene...lot of happenings/occurrences are taking place with imbalance and improper attitude which current generation might not be realizing because of emphatic heavy pay packages against their performance.

For this, People are opting for any ways & means to make their own life better. Is really betterment taking shape properly where their life will be thoroughly pure and their real boldness of brilliance is getting a note???

Should we say "It is difficult to predict the same?!!!" ?

Natural boon given by the divinity of Nature; has been forgotten and some artificial consequences are becoming the victim of today's socially aggressive and highly economic world of technical innovation.

Betterment is in our own hands but we are expecting the same from each other's expectations for becoming richer and richer so far as material subjects are concerned.... However one should not forget that his or her existence is not just meant for unnecessary demand and supply but for thoughtful appropriation of pure vision!!!

We are using our brilliance for unrealistic measures of our life where too much importance is being emphasized for the materialistic aspects. This is rather increasing our tensions where handling material burden is becoming like a donkey's role...!

Recognizing our cognitive capability with correct emotional intelligence is the need of the the same time loyal with ourselves is growing importance of our existence because is going to enhance the boldness of our approach and attitude...!!!

Are we ready to do that or do we still want to enjoy the world of false implications, impressions, impulses??? We are not foreseeing the impoverished outlook in the vision of pragmatism and realism...but it is imperative to identify the same right now...!!!

Our conscious is experiencing varied things empirically where exponentially we do not know where we leading ourselves but one must try to stabilize the subconscious because that is the stage where there might be a contradiction with conflict to a high extent and its management will be difficult if we would continue with the same habit..

When we see or experience anything bad and suffer...then we realize that the respective incident should not occur again and then we try to conceive the same with caution and controlled state of mind...if the same is happening to somebody else...we think, share but do not perceive the said incident so seriously by imagining ourselves in that person's shoes' which should occur at every moment because then the "AFFINITY" will rise and there will not be any sudden fall in our life.

When we see the flowers in the nature may on the the valley...etc..we enjoy their beauty with natural purity and collect that visual journey in the memories of our stored heart and spacious mind...and try to recollect them...If we go there again after few days..we might not enjoy the same with the same spice...similarly our life should take in stride the essence of each moment situationally. Blossoming is the natural feature of any flower...and we all are flowers which will never wither if we continue blossoming with purity in brilliance and boldness...then invariably betterment will see the things taking place appropriately in our life...