Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Meditation- not an advertisement but a tool of self integrity without showing an attitude

Hello All,


I have been writing after a long time! The subject I have chosen for writing is quite common now a days because of its hue and cry which is occurring in the society!

Meditation- a journey but not a habit! Meditation - not an advertisement but a tool of self integrity without showing any attitude!

Now a days Meditative processes have become a fashion in the society to release the stress. People opt for this as a way to stylize the life but it does not suffice! People at one side involve themselves in meditation and at other end they have lot of reservations and attitude also.

I always question- How would the person transform as even this meditative technique is not helping him/her?

The above question is quite relevant.

One real example I want to quote here-

Last week I had been to one college for one personality development competition where I curiously went to meet the dignified person in the college which is a great personality. I had just gone there to say Hello to her and share few things as I was meeting her after a long time in person. The person in front of me is supposed to be an entity who is involved with meditative processes a lot these days and hence I was pretty sure that there is a transformation which is occurring....and I was also assuming that she will talk to me with the same intensity she had previously when we used to share a lot about Spirituality! However the scenario was totally different where I found that she had lot of cobwebs in mind...she did not even speak to me properly. She avoided talking to me. Forget about what has happened in the past.... My point of contention is pretty clear that through such cosmic elements which we adopt in our life; should have only positive transformation...where come what may...the person meditating should have nothing in mind except positive expression....or even neutralized feeling about everything. But that lady seemed to be very arrogant that day. She was sticking to the past instead of activating her mind centres appropriately. It was not awakening moment but a disappointing moment for me as I had never made any chaos with respect to the incidents in relevance with our professional relations and still the kind of scenario I could see was disheartening that why people portray falsely by opting for such so called meditating processes in life because although Meditation as a concept is very progressive and mortal and it can be accepted in life by anybody and it can be made a habit...however my following questions has a deeper meaning-

1. Are you meditating to show of?
2. Are you looking for some source in your life which is assumed to be the best and due to that you will gain lot of respect?
3. What is your goal by gathering people to meditate where even your mindful impressions have not accepted meditation to transcend?
4. Is meditation a process of proving that law of attraction plays a greater role in everybody's life and it is very simple?
5. Why can't you analyse your own actions properly when today's world has lot of liberty in pointing out other's mistake first?
6. Have you adapted to the process of meditation to the extent where cosmos has naturally given you authority to do that?
7. Do you know that meditation is a great journey of many births?
8. Do you know that even if you start meditating, your attitude...approach...egoism will get displayed by your subconscious very clearly?
9. Are you really keen on knowing the meditation as a beautiful and kind process of transformation?
10. Do you really respect what you are doing? :-)

There are many such several questions which are haunting me still...but we have a limit to ask questions because unless and until your mindfulness will have wider spectrum to accept things diligently and without any ambiguity...everything is futile and so is the meditation! Isn't it????

I realized that through the above incident I could get another lesson-
Do not give people merely to impress because impression is like the garbage which if we will throw it in the water...either it will keep floating in the water or it will get saturated in the water where superficially you will feel that water is clean but at the ground...below the surface you may find lot of dirt...So do not get surprised if somebody starts meditating because you never know....who will behave how and why that way?????

Meditation is a beautiful journey and hence do not contract your mindfulness and do not put any restrictions to your goodness when you want to depict that goodness...because Karma is a tool to meditate only without having any knowledge of actual meditation as a concept!

Regards, Amit

Blessed Self!!!!!

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