Wednesday, 16 December 2015

How to remain positive when there is nothing in front of you as a task/assignment/objective?

Hi All,


I have been getting in touch with you after a quite long time!

However, the subject which I chose for writing ; is quite authentic and important,too!

In our daily life, how many of you have consequences where you remain idle and there is nothing to do for you and then several ill thoughts start coming in your mind which bother you a lot and that leads to frustration! In such cases, how one can use the environment to the optimum level to convert the same into positive mode???

1. Do what you believe in and it will turn yourself into a positive state!
2. Do not sit in a room alone which will pave the way towards breaking down or getting irritated or getting tempted to do something which has no value at all!
3. Start thinking about your potentials , focus on the same....sit for a while and imagine all those precious moments which made your earlier life better and because of that you are alive till date!
4. Before your mind gets stuck with negativity, make yourself come out of that depressed state and go in the nature or in some sacred place where retrieval of positive energy will happen rapidly!
5. Listen to the song which intensifies your creativity or transform your mood urgently!
6. If you can't control your negative aspect....immediately try to catch hold of somebody who is closer to you and who knows you well and would help you tackle unwarranted atmospheric pressure!
7. Start writing something and release your bad energy hampering your vital time!
8. Imagine some futuristic situations which will have fragrance of your achieved excellence!
9. Start uttering positive affirmations by standing in front of the mirror or even start talking to yourself to make an outlet for your unpleasant stuff which you are not appreciating at all!
10. Avoid channels triggering your attractions where your negative aspect will get unnecessary booster!
11. Do some meditation or yoga nidra or chant mantras like Mahamrutyunjaya Mantra or Durga Stotra or Raamraksha or anything which you have a taste on!
12. Sit in Vajrasana position and raise your hands till your chest where the direction of your palms will be towards the floor but in an elevated form and then imagine that earth is in front of you and you are passing on positive energy to the whole earth and also to the closed ones and also the people with whom you had a fight earlier or arguments,too and say few affirmations claiming the self actualization process!
13. Play the song and dance or watch a  movie alone to entertain yourself and it should not be serious one and if not watch a drama event!

The above few methods can channelize you continuously in a positive manner. Try it and you will enjoy moments!

Regards, Amit

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Everything comes in free but then what is that which has selling value?

Hi All, 

The subject itself is a serious concern. Now a days, at one end economy is playing an integral role in life but at other end lavish spending people are also hoping to get everything in free where their personal luxury is being kept intact but at other end some false portrayal is established and this causes lot of contamination of image in the society because of lack of transparency and openness! 

Anything in free always passes wrong signals but in the common parlance we all want things in free!!! Why??? After all nature also requires to pay the toll at the cost some calamity which falls all of a sudden. Now a days based upon various technical innovations, people are making the nature, a corrupt one by erecting lot of artificial devices to measure the occurrences of the nature and there is a technique involved to have an artificial rainfall in case of absence of natural rain. But ultimately whatever occurs naturally has some justifying position because of the utmost transparency by itself! 

The government is also spending money where it is not to be spent and expecting a lot from the public to have a smooth running where actually monetary help is needed. 

Keeping aside the above reality, let us talk about our personal reflections which pop up from mindfulness! I do not know who had made this tendency of a man to have all things in free whenever get a chance and everything is in mind and likewise action gets done! 

Potential ability to make a fair deal has lost its sheen now a days because of a bargaining outlook of every person. People listen to the person for any respective requirement of them and then acknowledge his /her skill or ability of providing service but anything with a discounted stuff gets sold faster than anything which is original but that has no scheme of discount. What is this discounted mentality I do not know. Unless and until, pragmatic life does not take ideal shape, there is no point in going deeper to search for something mysterious! I really envy the person who must have asked for the first time in life of the earth ; a discount! Because from then....expecting something in free started getting overwhelming response. :-)  Now a days spiritual organizations get an applause when they work purely for the benefit of the mankind without charging anything and few say that without charging people it is like underestimating the activity for which we are charging. Change should occur but change like this, is painful. Malls like big bazaar have lot of free schemes which are available because of which customers rush towards these malls to buy variety of things.

If somebody is offering something in Free then....people raise doubt but if they find that it is in reality providing free services they make them very famous by promoting themselves and their activity phenomenally. Who can overcome this mentality? 

Enjoy like a free bird...this statement can be conceived in several ways but those several ways are there because of different mentality of people. 

In Puranas, Vedas and other spiritual doctrines like Gita, Bhagwat, Gurucharitra...there is no such incident mentioned which clarifies what does free mean??? But there are many definitions of "Being Free". This disparity is obstructive in the path of success mindfully! 

Economics...this subject may have changed the perception to look at any salable thing like this! :-) Although I am a commerce post graduate, this pinches me a lot! Lord Rama or even All Pandavas experienced Vanvaas when they were banished from their kingdom for some respective reasons but there is no such mention about how did they meet both ends and how crucial it was to live without money! :-) Jokes apart..."Free" this word itself does not have just a meaning but several meanings because Man has something superior  than other beings when it comes to Sale-ability. The time when everything will be in on its way to come. However till the time, we have money as some form of exchange, it will be hard to accept the concept of  FREE...isn’t it? In the current trend, it is mandatory for companies to allocate portion of their profits for charity purpose through CSR drive but this can not be termed as FREE because companies have authority to assess the unit they are donating before actually extending the help! But on humanitarian grounds, assuming that he or she will give service in free ; is like taking undue advantage of somebody’s silence and this is not humanity, right? Hence analyze the situation, the cause, the person and then decide the definition of FREE but at other end, exchange is the ultimate motive now a days and it has to be judged properly and then one has to allocate the funds where there will not be regret. Every human is a masterpiece and one has to consider this fact and serve him or her with respect. By seeking services in free, I am scared there will be a day where the person seeking service in free might feel that he or she is stuck in jail and it should not happen! J  

This is never ending subject but according to me FREE means... Faithfulness, Rationalization Elimination and Evolution where exchange becomes a great quotient of emotion and intelligence!!! 

What do you think?????

Regards, Amit
Certified Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Global Member of CCA, Canada
Professional Musician

Thursday, 25 June 2015

20-30 years down the line, how mind will work and what will be the state of a common man?

Hi All,

In the present scenario, still Gabbar from the movie Sholay is famous because his villainous role had created havoc in the country because of the dialogues.

Similarly, 20 years from now, the situation will be where we will find Robots speaking and doing things for the common man, isn't it interesting? At one end as far as innovation is concerned, we should be feeling proud of what is going to occur but at other end, demolished scenario will be seen 20 years later where man will forget that he or she has mind and an organ called heart where emotions are filled up and even replenished at certain times which is a necessary overhauling oil for refreshing thoughts which come in both these psychological reservoirs where now a days there is a need to do repairing every after an hour and 20 years later man is going to lose his or her inherent right to repair because by then Gabbar of devastation is going to rule over the world and we will see shops of virtual minds and hearts which will be sold by fabricated minds in the form of Robots!

Scientifically we will be doing phenomenal growth but psychologically we are going to have disastrous situation because of high economic conditions, competitiveness, over pouring innovation, wrong goal settings  in life, inhuman treatment by people, high competition with species from different planets because of superior brain levels. Because of robotic life, people will be seen anywhere doing nothing out of anything because of everything getting done by Robots.

Ego level will shoot by 200 percent.
Attitudinal problems will not have solutions
Corruption will have no place although it will get done by Robots
Swiss bank accounts will have Robots on the board to handle funds
Species from different planets will take the charge of the earth and the whole political world and robots will keep on responding to them.
Entertainment will look like only Science Fiction.
Charity of food will be in the form of something which Robot eats.
There will not be exact time of following daily schedule.
Working hours as a concept will be lost and time management will have an essence of something called as "Beyond 24 by 7."
GABBAR...this brand will have weird rating on the earth...something like...."VIRUS from the different planet which had ruined the living of the earth.
The common man will be wandering and roaming around the earth like an UNIDENTIFIED ENTITY or the most thrown out/ outdated model of the earth. is a buzz around because such kind of chaotic condition is sounding ruthless but if it turns out to be a fact ....what will happen????

SOUL being a greater cosmic concept will lose its sheen on the earth and it will start its journey on other planets to get peacefulness because of ill treatment given to minds of the common man which is Soul's important remedial measure to calculate emotional conviction called as SENTIMENT.

All minds will act like beggars to have some sensitive food of thought on the earth which will be a rare scenario to occur.

Robots will sound like Nature's criminals!!!

There will not be an excitement of being a FOREIGN RETURN ROBOT because everything will be one GLOBE without any divided part!

EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT will cost for something in million dollars or may be more than that. All books will be extraction of steel, iron....etc. where censors will be doing the role of Pens and Pencils. There will be museums of Minds of people in some scientific form to exhibit!

Oh destiny, is it really going to be like this? It can not be!!!! but if it will turn out to be like this....

What is your feeling that you have in mind???
What will be the evolutionary miracle in the history of Mankind???
What efforts should you take now to preserve minds of each and every entity called as human being???
What should be the reality then 20 years later if the above explanation is baseless???
Can anybody give one solution to remove stress right away???
Can anybody have medicine on removing EGOs and Attitudes in people???
To earn money now a days, is showing attitude essential??? Then who can abstain people from talking about love, respect, understanding nature etc.???
Are we insecured creatures of this planet where we may be finding some different planet to release our emotional energies???
Can we make car like devices for minds to work luxuriously where luxury will be only humanity???
How long are we going to say that this is a Kaliyuga and you have to behave like this only where ruthlessness and selfishness have importance???

Friends, is it the right time to think about this or still we want to postpone this plan of MAKING MINDS FOREVER to some other date when everything will be lost and only one thing will be seen....HUMANITY LOSING ITS GRACE!!!!!

Blessed Self,

Regards, Amit
Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Member of CCA, Canada
Professional Musician

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Spirituality - an advertisement in public or a personal tool to grow transcendentally????

Hi All,

After a long time, I have been approaching you via this medium which albeit  is very effective mode of communication but the ignored one many times. By stating about the subject above I do not want to disrespect anybody's point of view here but I just want to express my views which are not getting quoted here to validate, violate but they are to make you think or to give it as a different way of taking in stride the meaning of Spirituality!!!!

Spirituality and its conceived meaning in the current world has been taking different shape altogether. Previously this word had some fear connected but then as per the situation of the competitive world, people started turning their minds towards this phenomena more seriously and in a digestive way :-).

According to me, when we say "Friends, take everything in the right spirit!" This sentence used to impact gracefully but little more stressing of Spirituality as a peculiar word used  to make people frightened.

Now a days, the curiosity has increased a lot in groups of people majorly, corporate people because of the STRESSFUL Environment they are working in!!!

Since ages there has been lot of promotional measures getting popped up region wise and so is the spirituality now a days!!!!

One fine day when I had visited Sinhgad Institute of  Management , Ambegaon for the lecture, one experienced lady from Amdocs who had come there as a guest asked me" Amit, since you are a master spirit life coach, can you tell me the definition of Spirituality?" Before approaching towards the seminar hall, I wondered and answered, "Madam, for me spirituality is not a crucial tool to handle if we have realized that its definition lies in respecting people and their potentials in the first place and connecting with them naturally..!" She smiled saying "WOW, it is true!!!" and I went to deliver the lecture.

I had somewhere heard that spirituality is something which is not be revealed when we practice it as the said experience is for self happiness and peacefulness driving us towards "MOKSHA" or "TURIYAVASTHA" where Om Purna Madah Purna Midam occurs.

Spirituality in the current world has lot of different shapes and styles. I said this particularly because these activities have made a real confusion because of different religions having different activity or different people having different techniques. For e.g. Sudarshan Kriya of Art Of Living and Pranayama of Patanjali or Reiki or Pranic Healing....There is some similarity in these activities but still they are different because we have such beliefs which make us bewildered.

Spirituality is not as easy as any advertisement which we watch on TV. For.e.g Sir dard ho raha hai??? Coldrain lete kyon nahee??? Spirituality is not like this. It is a journey of many many years where probability of attaining expertise in the said area is more than crucial.

However in the present scenario spirituality has variety of colours and feathers attached because of which it sounds like an advertisement but at times it is as advertisement. I have seen people who preach spirituality because they are curious and are interested. However that has never ever let EGO go away and this in turn spreads the religious spirituality but not a genuine one without any discrimination. Again every person spreads the word about his or her Guru's preaching./discourses on the basis of which even meditation experience is being shared.

Spiritual experience is not like any product of Nestle or Proctor and Gamble where lot of creativity is poured for certain features to imbibe and instant results are seen!

Nobody is perfect and we all have to traverse through different stages of life to attain meditative state. Meditation has an individual experience essence attached since every entity is different and accordingly their impressions of mind. It is not a state to experience whereby somebody guiding us what to imagine and what to project in the meditation and it becomes successful. Everyone has some previous impressions attached to soulful mind and that is why beauty of meditation lies in the individual getting into the world of spiritual energy where his or her journey is totally different and thereto his or her outcome or effect!!!! Spirituality is actually an unconditional travelling by opting for each and every stage stated in Patanjal Yoga like Eight stages Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahar, Dhyan, Dharana, Samadhi where an individual should feel on his or her own that I should be indulging myself now in spiritual activities because it is totally his or her internalized voice which is telling him or her to do that.

It is easy to be a part of some group of people keeping one goal or focus but it is difficult to be a focused one by following those unconditional rules of that group where you may not be having the said focus as your own focus but still you get involved because your friend is a a part of the same. Commonly natural and uncommonly common have some after effects where one requires time to analyze his or her comfortable zone and nature only tells that person to take a call on such a kind of process of energy fields to opt for. Nature never projects that Tsunami is going to come and it avoids that. However the same way we can not imbibe spiritual era on somebody like an imposition of tax.

I admit that there is a groupism getting grown everywhere religiously but is that generating oneness???
There is lot of advertisement going on with respect to various spiritual institutions but is that putting an impact gracefully on somebody's life where whole world is focusing one divine unity???
Kali Yuga is a modernized package of various promotional products which can fetch only money without enriching experience and should we make spirituality a part of this modernized package?

I have a respect for every spiritual philosophy but does that mean that I should be roaming around and opting for everything which is for my own benefit when spiritual aspect is taken into consideration???

Spiritual world has become more stylized but in true sense people who are creating groups of their own spiritual philosophy ; are not really working on their own convictions which are playing a role of promoting the activity of spirituality of their own GURUs!!!

Guru is a coincidence in life and vibrational energy should work on it quite naturally where Guru-Disciple relationship should get formed quite naturally!

When somebody says that the one who will analyze few things in spirituality will not grow in spirituality but that time he or she is not thinking that he or she is being analytical to comment on somebody who is trying to be analytical!!!! :-) That is the irony!!!

If you want to make somebody a great Guru because you have fetched not do it by having an enforcing approach or even by asking him or her to know their spiritual philosophy which is supposed to be a great one. Let the person understand on his or her own strengths that he or she is getting inclined towards something supernatural and he or she is the one who can be Guru in his or her life. Guru's position is far superior than God but my question is why there are lot of Gurus in the world where someday the earth will be over packed with variety of Gurus where only one word will be uttered and i.e. CHAOS!!!!

Spiritual journey of some person is an automatically established journey where fortunate coincidence ties up with somebody's life more gracefully and very naturally without anybody's recommendation.

I admit that in  Kaliyuga it has become a need of everyone to introduce to something super phenomenal which can ease down somebody's tensions and worries of life!!! However by doing so, we are forming a group and team building approach but then one has to think that how many have been retained by them in the said group????

Framing of Spirituality has not been made like a product but JAMANA AISA HAI KEE HAR WAQT SIRF EK DUSRE KO KABIZ KARNE KEE KOSHISH MAIN LOG LAGE HUE HAI!!! :-)

May be due to high competition and comparison like corporate world, this world has also become the same and impressing the same foot prints in the society!!!


Think about empirical world or transcendental world, what comes first?????
How can we be associated with each other in the first instance instead of imbibing our own philosophy on somebody???
How can we be on the track in terms of Spirituality by not affecting the relation with some person???
How can we be in line with ONENESS which is the most important aspect because of which we can fight our won barriers and others, too where terrorism, corruption, bureaucracy, revenge, cheating, duping, robbing...all such concepts will get vanished in reality.

By having different spiritual concept are we just growing our own Institution which is not an institution within itself????

Modiji wants all Indians to be together but is our country having democracy getting followed in the right manner where at any moment Hindu, Muslim , Sikh and so on and so forth will always be together where even not a single negative power will demolish the unity we will be having????

At one point, we all are forgetting our own self growth and we are not realizing them authentically because we are having all materialistic targets in front of us but then how we will strive towards making that ONENESS glorious one????

I wonder how we are going to lead ourselves by opting for the right spiritual path for us in coming days because spiritual world has grown like an Innovative product and that is why I ask one question to myself that the one power who has written something originally about spirituality; has given a chance to promote spirituality in different way because that is why people felt that I should be unique and but then will that UNIQUENESS BE CONVERTED INTO ONENESS WHERE THE WHOLE WORLD BE READY TO COLLAPSE OR LIBERATE?????

Thank you for reading!!!

I am not advertising my conviction or creative outlook although it sounds so, but I have this genuine question which I have stated in the subject column!!!! I am learning....practicing...executing....mulling over and again going to next thought...are you on the same way???? :-)


Regards, Amit

Amit Deokule
Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Global Member of CCA, Canada
Professional Musician


Beyond Imagination
One thing happens
"We think about our security"
Beyond Information
One incident occurs
"We stick to Anonymity"
Beyond Interpretation
One situation exists
"We believe in Connectivity"
Beyond Intersection
One phenomena stays
"We attach ourselves to velocity"
Beyond Imitation
One thing conceives
"We come to reality"
Beyond Innovation
One element peeps in
"We have a faith in Sanctity"
Beyond Ignition
One aspect evolves
"We believe in tenacity"
Beyond Internalization
One fact forever remains
"We adore oneness of divine unity"

Saturday, 2 May 2015

What is Commitment? Read the poem

The word of Commitment
It does not have presumptive content
The Source of Commitment
It is like a “Balanced give and take” without comment
The progression of Commitment
It is an integral action with compliment
The Practical belief of Commitment
It is like having respect about one’s potential skill set
The story of Commitment
It is like an occurrence of perfect rapport development
The Analogy of Commitment
It is like giving space to achieve pre-decided target
The mystery of Commitment
It is like one’s subconscious addressing overrated impediment
The Journey of Commitment
It is like experiencing Failure-Success without any punishment
The Emotional Quotient of Commitment
It is like putting mirror for own self first and then verifying one’s achievement
The Paradigm of Commitment
It is like having knowledge of theory of Gods and Demons for executable betterment
The sharing of Commitment
It is like reciprocating concern for dear ones without any discriminatory argument
The Sustainable fact of Commitment
It is like having rational conclusion at every step of life with humanized element
The Conclusion of Commitment
It is like having faith in chosen path and person irrespective of any prejudiced assessment
By Amit Deokule

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Well Managed Beauty for Life AIMS!!!

Dear All,

I am happy to present my POEM on "Well Managed Beauty for Life AIMS!"

Well Managed Beauty for Life AIMS
Time Management is like a 3 hrs movie ball game!!!

Decisiveness is like an Army man without any Blame
Goal Setting can't be like 100 crore club movie with mixture of Claims!!!

Team Building is like a mindful never ending Chain
Conflict sounds like a damaged lifting Crane!!!

Jawani Diwani can be the tag line in every corporate plane
Keep in mind Kingfisher is a bird but it was never an aeroplane!!!

To be in good books requires face off approach being in the seclusion
Owner of Facebook created opportunities to billions to have their free of charge publication!!!

Ramayana or Mahabharata may be virtually created stories but are factual brains
Steve Jobs or Bill Gates are factual stories but may be an innovative kit like global Insane!!!

Preserving values of Narayanamurthy  of Infosys deserves courageous dream frame
Vision of Dr. Abdul Kalaam is an epitome of leadership membrane!!!

Continuously constant moves gives consistent results like Lalu's magical profitable train
Lagaan, 3 Idiots become benchmarks in the market management Zen!!!

Creating wave like Flipcart/Reliance develops unstoppable fame
Steady growth like Tata Empire needs patience to tame!!!

Motivation is seen in the personality of Charlie Chaplin like a sudden gain
Making up the face and the mirror reflection entails purely integrated AIM!!!

Spirituality is nothing but identifying real taste in the knowledge Den
Character building requires 100% voting alike for Narendra Modiji  transparently even in the foggy rain!!!

By Amit Deokule
Life Balance Coach
Master Spirit Life Coach
Global Member of CCA, Canada
Professional Musician