Friday, 30 September 2011

Why is Coaching going to be essential in current times or 5 years down the line?

Hello All,
My Coachable salute to all those who are coaching, who love coaching and who appreciate the event of coaching!!!!
The importance has never been defined by any philosopher but we all being “Human” (Harmony, Unity, Mastery, Austerity and Novelty) recognize the importance of minute thing which effects or affects our Life. The severity fluctuates as per the situation but we all have different expressional way of taking in stride the situations and their severity. Accordingly our priorities change in the life. However among all these things, there is a possibility that one can go off the track of his or her valuable life where goals or dreams get missed out or do not become the prime importance for somebody. Perhaps some people remain reluctant in attaining their determined goals and later on when the saturation point comes, they all of a sudden realize that culmination point of their dreams or goals cannot be reached and regretful incident is being experienced. In such a situation, the coach in the form of “An Evangelist” can help such people to see the ray of hope with dignity and proper rising patch can be seen.
In the current scenario, are there many incumbents who have been earning because they want to be so; aimlessly? Yes it is very much like this. Why Coaching activity is raising concern in HR departments when attrition level report scares the CEOs or the whole management? I think, putting the same scenario individually, one can surely self actualize that his or her frustration level is causing concern about his or her scattered thought process over the life process to become a successful person to excel in his or her own genuine skills. Externally eclipsed world has made the man so crazy about just monetary gains but at the same time, I cannot deny the innovation which is getting occurred!!!
However the sustainability factor has been questioned although innovation is happening where coaching can play pivotal role for the intelligent ones who want to put a good blending of Sustained Innovation and their true Goals/Dreams. Stress levels are recording its highest frequency in the corporate world and there; coaching can be dynamically helpful. The scenario will grow to a major extent in coming days because of cut throat competition where an organization as a whole may achieve but then wandering minds within the company premises will go on proliferating. In such scenario; group coaching or individual coaching can work in refined manner.
In one of the group discussions of Linked in there was a subject/topic raised by one person “Should every company have a coach?” The discussion was taken seriously by many members and the hottest part was; majority members were of the opinion that company should have a coach hierarchically. I was also the participant for the said discussion and I went with the same opinion. In current scenario or even after five years, Individual cases to need coaching are going to rise because of the personal relationships are getting disturbed. This will have major reason of afflictions and conflicts between opposite sex due to majority problems created in the relationship where both the parties will have disparity in uniting with each other because of several egoistic parameters of the personality due to status of the established personalities in the professional areas. Coaching can help them in removing the barriers of such kind and /or any other difficulties and will make them see better tomorrow in the personal management.  Hope Coaching will be seen as an activity which has infinite natural parameters to make people flourished.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

SoulOmkar Vision growing

Blissful Joy,

SoulOmkar vision has lot of mirrors to establish matured approach for our Life Process.

I do welcome all to share the mirror and glow the true reflection in the minds of Humanity.

Are you reluctant to share openly and with equality??? Do not worry SoulOmkar's vision has widening tools to accommodate everyone who is divine from within.

Even though somebody has not realized SoulOmkar can make them realize as it is a oneness feeling that SoulOmkar believes in.

Come and enjoy the same!!!!