Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Want to get pressurized or come out of it???

Hi All,

After a long time, I am publishing something on the blog. I was pressurized to write something. Hold On….I may have used a wrong word “Pressurized” but friends , the trend is such where we all are pressurizing each other for the sake of earning and living.

Now I would say that I was motivated to write something because of this word “Pressurized”.
Competitiveness and Comparison, the last blog was on the said subject but now I wanted to extend my willingness to raise a question how we are going to manage “Pressure”.
Giving Pressure, Getting Pressurized, Taking Pressure…I was wondering how one will survive when he or she will continuously be in the same circle of people who like to see somebody getting pressurized or giving pressure. Slavery has created this phenomena and people are trying to live up to the expectations of Pressurized feeling. Some may get through, some fail, some get stuck, some suffer and some get exploited.  I do not want to talk about success rate or excellence rate when pressures are being put.
I want to extend this discussion because implications of this would be horrible in the future. Forget about the future but in current times since we are forgetting the existing value of humanity due to this.
For the sake of meeting both the ends in life, one has to accept the job as it is and go ahead blindly without thinking of what may happen if such a pressurized attitude continues….!

Would this really expose the real potential of people?
Would this serve the cause and effect of every act diligently?
Would this give true happiness out of job one is performing?
Would knowledge be justified under such circumstances?
Would organization be benefitted exponentially high?
How long this trend can be continued if we do not want to respect each other’s professional or personal existence?
Why one should be treated as slave in such a scenario? Why can’t we give free space, even computer needs a free space and human asset only creates that free space by defragging or deleting unnecessary data?

I would say that by pressurizing each other in the community of humans, we are extending virus packages which will come with a handsome price prima facie but in the long run…its authenticity will expire and price will have to be reduced as everybody or everything needs anti-virus and  Getting Pressurized, giving Pressures is nothing but creating viruses in the community substantially.
Hey, it will be our primary responsibility to take pressures for winning our own “SELF” but then let these pressures have an essence of Respect, Effulgence of Integrated feeling, helping approach, growth attitude with real sense of belongingness. We all are flowers but withering them ; should not be our target but blossoming them ; is our essential assigned motive.

Am I right, am I pressurizing you by saying so? Do not get that feeling but have precious feeling from within to realize what one’s existence really means for each other! May be tomorrow, Earth will ask everyone when she will start facing rapid calamities and that process has already been started!!!!

Cheers, Amit